It all started on a camp trip about 10 years ago. I had a nasty noisy nose, full of congestion and a friend of mine, Fernando, said “try this” and he handed me a small yellow glass bottle of essential oil- he said “it’s very strong so be careful”- I dabbled a drop on my finger and he was right! Very strong stuff, rubbed in to my temples NOT in my eyes (it will burn if you get it too close to the eyes), like a mini massage,  rubbed it on the back of my neck and amazingly it opened up my congested nose, I had to have a box of tissues nearby… within a few days I was feeling much better and have not gone without my SunBreeze since that time. Try it, or comment on it if you have used it. This is not a medical claim, simply a good technique for a natural remedy for nose congestion. Just so you know, this is a product that I distribute as well.

I took the  information below from the Sunrider website regarding a wonderful product:


You won’t find anything comparable to Sunbreeze® Oil on the market. That’s because it’s formulated by owner expertise for quality and safety. It’s a great product to use when introducing people to Sunrider, because you can have a refreshing experience by massaging a few drops to your neck, muscles or temples.

Sunbreeze® Balm & Oil can soothe muscles. Both feel cool and refreshing and are ideal for overall rubdowns.

I want to know, do you a favorite natural remedy for congested nose? Post your comment below and let me know if you’d like sample of this oil shipped to you!