This week I’m completed delighted to feature one impressive gal, Amy Maschue, of She is a VERY talented lady. I think you’ll really love her feature!

A little bit about Amy: A mom of six (ages 9 mos to 10 yrs) and a certified speech-language pathologist. With the birth of my 4th child, Amy realized that continuing to work as a therapist would be difficult considering child care. She cut her hours back significantly and needed to look into ways to make up for that income. She had decided not to “refresh” her maternity and breastfeeding-post baby wardrobe and instead made an undershirt with a large U cut out of the chest area. In that way, she says “I could have access to the nursing bra that fit me best and could then wear any shirt in my closet, making it breastfeeding-friendly. Another mom at the park noticed my undershirt was covering my back and belly as I nursed my new baby and asked where I had purchased it. I told her I made it. She told me that she’d buy one and she thought many other breastfeeding moms would love the idea.” At that moment, Modest Middles was born!

1. Why is creativity important to you?
Creativity is important to me because it keeps me energized. I have ideas all the time that go nowhere, but I have to go through the process of figuring out how they would be made or would work, how I could make them for a reasonable price, etc. I love thinking of fun games for my kids’ birthday party theme as much as for business reasons. Modest Middles has been really rewarding because it came from my own creative solution to a need I had.

2. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
I love that my company is home-based. Our sales are primarily over the internet as I can’t yet do the footwork required to get out and sell in the retail brick and mortar stores. I love that I can fill the orders before I pick up the kids from school and then have one of the big kids bring in the packaged orders to the post office. It’s a great small business lesson for my kids.

3. What’s a typical day for you?
I am up early to do any business that I need to do before the noise of my family makes that difficult to do. My husband and I get the oldest three kids off to school and he goes to work. I am at home with the three little kids. As I get time in the day, I answer emails, post on our Modest Middles blog, Facebook and Twitter, etc. Once I put the baby down for his nap, I fill orders. I put the packaged orders in the car and pick up the kids around 3pm. We hit the post office to deliver the packaged orders after errands/sports/clubs and then head home for homework, dinner and bedtime.

4. How has being a parent changed you?
I used to be the person that color-coded, organized and pre-planned everything. Those skills have come in useful with six kids, but I’ve also learned that I’ve got let some things go and go with the flow to preserve my sanity. Parenting is harder than I thought and because it’s my most important job, I’ve got to keep in mind that this might not be the season in my life to do certain things. I have realized that multitasking is not a claim to fame if you don’t do any of the tasks well.

5. Your favorite…

Family activity? Family gatherings (usually involve going to Church, having some food, then swimming or playing)
Place to shop for you? Target or Walmart
Place to shop for your kids? Target or Walmart
Three blogs you follow?,, Disneyfamily (
Website? Fox News Channel
Person to follow on Twitter?
Item of clothing? A comfortable pair of shoes
Color of lipstick? Pumpkin spice
Style icon? I would love to dress like Heidi Klum. (Of course that would require a body like her too=)
Room in the house? Master bedroom-It’s supposed to be my refuge.
Book? Suze Orman books
Movie? Anything funny!
TV Show? Reality shows-especially competition shows- Top Chef, The Voice, Shark Tank, etc.
Guilty pleasure? Bravo’s Real Housewives
Escape? Window shopping anywhere.
Stress relief? Going out with my husband or friends/sisters

6. Words of inspiration to other creative chicks?
Keep going. When you encounter an obstacle, look at it and see it for what it REALLY is. Often then it’s easier to figure out how to get around it.

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