For over 50 years, I have struggled with weight loss. I honestly think I tried every diet out there and bought almost every cream, pill and devise for the hope of getting rid of any of my excess pounds! I had plenty of excuses, too. I was going through menopause, my thyroid was probably slow and the camera always adds tons of weight, so I am really not that heavy. My clothes were limited since I refused to wear a size 14, but the stretchy size 12 worked for me! Struggling with weight loss became a frustrated hobby. It didn’t seem fair that there were people around me, eating lots of food and looking great while I was constantly dieting. I would exercise each day, eat lots of salads, skip dessert as much as possible, and still I hit 180 lbs on the scale! I had no idea what I looked like in photographs and I would just avoid looking in the mirror. THIS STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING! At the age of 50, I did lose 45lbs in less than seven months. I actually didn’t even feel like I was dieting, but the scale and my clothes confirmed that I was on my way to a thinner me! I believe I stumbled upon a miracle diet!! Dr. Steven Rosenberg experimented with me using a device called a calorimeter. This is a scientific method of determining the best burn within a body. The results confirmed that if you want to lose weight, you need to limit your fats to no more than 15 grams per day, and your carbohydrates to no more than 150 grams per day (That’s more than toast with your omelet, a turkey sandwich for lunch, wine with dinner and ice cream for dessert!) That’s it! No counting calories, eating packaged foods or going to meetings. Just this little knowledge. It’s really easy once you understand how to read labels. But there are other benefits to this diet that is great for anyone! It is an antiinflammatory diet and has anti-free radical effects on the body. What does this mean for you besides losing weight? Goodbye bloating and a younger you in the mirror! If you don’t need to lose weight but just want to maintain your status quo, then just limit your fats to no more than 20 grams per day and your carbohydrates to no more than 200 grams carbs per day. Once you are at this point, you have some flexibility. If you are eating a big steak that day, just cut down on the carbs a little and vice versa. This diet was developed for real people. During my weight loss, I continued to have evening cocktails, eat ice cream, muffins, cheesecakes, etc. You can diet and eat your cake too, but you must tweak the way you cook, order out and shop for food. It really is very simple once you learn to read labels and buy the lower fat and lower carb versions of the foods you love. We all need support during a diet, so feel free to visit our website at for recipes and dieting ideas. The book, 15-150 Secret to Simple Dieting helps with mental exercises to keep you on track, a great shopping list, and a detailed list of your favorite foods with their carb and fat values. It will teach you how to order your foods at restaurants to get rid of those sneaky fat and carbs that you may not even be aware you are consuming! Even when they list the calories at restaurants, they sometimes don’t include the sauces or garnishes. When you go to the store the first few times, treat it as a treasure hunt. You have to read labels to find the items that fit your taste, but once you get these down, they will become staples on your shopping list. This is a very easy lifestyle for everyone in the family. Congratulations on your weight loss journey, now it’s just a matter of time! The book, 15-150 Secret to Simple Dieting, is available at com and or visit the website, book is written by Dr. Steven M. Rosenberg, psychotherapist and inventor of diet, and Bobbie Freiberg, married, mother of two kids, and no longer a frustrated dieter! H&F