The truth is the gap between small business and multinational corporations is closing quickly. Previously a distance so great we needed a jumbo jet to cross it, it’s now just a baby step away. After virtually eliminating the “creatives” from the ranks of the employed, large companies now realize that they were actually contributing “something.” It’s become obvious, even to the leaders, that they’re seriously lacking the innovate ideas that give birth to new products. Some of the marketing campaigns are lackluster at best, insulting at worst.  Corporations are desperately seeking ways to reach new audiences. If the truth be told, many corporations were left with a work force of paper pushers and bean counters. Oh well…
The result of this action hasn’t been good for large companies. Now they have found themselves buying, at very high prices, the fruits of the same creative minds they once shoved aside. Many of those “pink slipped” have now invented cutting edge products in their garages, basements or spare rooms. They are now selling them to the very corporations that they worked for a few years ago. The beauty is that companies are now paying millions for these products.
A New Way of Thinking
This activity has opened up an entirely new thought process in corporations. They now realize that they must partner with small businesses. They now place a higher value on creative ideas. They’re willing to pay to tap existing and trusted relationships. They need stories that a specific target market can relate to.  They need us and here’s why:
We’re close to our customer. We’re frequently on a first name basis with them. They relate to us and we understand each other. We have their ear and they tell us what they think. Corporations are far removed from their customer. Often they have been up in their penthouse offices so long they are completely out of touch with those who are doing the buying.
Now is the best time to approach a corporation. Before you do, you might want to follow these simple steps.
Research the company
Understand their needs
Find out what audience are they trying to attract
Analyze your product or service to see how it meets their specific needs
Create an offering that explains how your product addresses their needs
Now about the offering…
The key is to have a concise idea of how your product fills a specific need the corporation is experiencing and pitch it to the decision maker.
They’re all around us
I see these opportunities almost everywhere I look. Many large companies are losing market share. They’re trying to attract audiences that have proven to be a bigger challenge than previously thought. The opportunities are practically falling off trees.
This can happen to you!
To read more, including a list of common mistakes, check out “The Deal of a Lifetime Could Be Right Under Your Nose” at Almost every small business owner has a product or service that could be a good fit for a large corporation. You might just need some help figuring it. If so, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Signing a corporate deal just might be your dream come true.





Lauri Flaquer has more than 25 years entrepreneurial experience on the East Coast, Central America, and in the Midwest. She has expanded knowledge of marketing and has developed an astute and focused bran ding methodology.

Lauri has an ex tensive background in television in the NY area. Her clients included NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, WWOR, WOR, and Bloomberg LP. She is the 2006 winner of the NAWBO Woman on the Way Award and Saltar Solutions is the proud recipient of the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrate Business Success award. She is the co author of Ready, Set, SOAR! 77 Super Flying Fu n Tips to Make Your Business ZOOM. Lauri presents keynote addresses for companies including Accenture, Merrill Lynch, Saturn, and State Farm Insurance to rave reviews.
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