I love the androgynous look.  Just men’s clothes on women, not the other way around.  I think men’s clothes on a very feminine woman enhances her femininity. There is a woman writer and humorist whose picture appears frequently in the society pages.  She’s pictured at galas and other affairs and she’s always wearing a tuxedo.  Recently I decided to buy myself a dinner jacket, too.  I suspected that I’d find what I was looking for in the boys’ department at Brooks Brothers and I was right. But as I wended my way downtown, I stopped off at other fine stores on Fifth and Madison to see what I could
find. I was shocked at what I didn’t find.  So many young salesmen have no idea what a dinner jacket is.  I guess their wardrobes are strictly limited to t-shirts and jeans.  No names to protect the guilty, but I stopped into one Fifth Avenue store and the young salesman had no idea what I was talking about.  I started to explain that it was black and he showed me black windbreakers and black denm jackets. Finally, my last stop was Brooks and they knew exactly what I was talking about.  They showed me a beautiful dinner jacket, size 12 and it fit perfectly.  Brooks, incidentally, still knows how to treat a customer. It’s a pleasure to shop there.  And the price was under $100 and was of excellent quality. Recently I decided to complete the outfit and buy the matching pants with the satin stripe down the sides. This time I went directly to Brooks and again, the size 12 fit perfectly except for the length.  Again, under $100 and they don’t charge for hemming. I’ve worn the dinner jacket with jeans and I look forward to wearing the jacket and pants to dressier events. I don’t think I’ll finish it with a bowtie, though.