A little about Caralyn:

Mother of three daughters, an educator, professional singer, motivational speaker and coach and president of the Way To Happiness Foundation. – a non-profit dedicated to helping youth understand how to make good choices in life.

She is a former Brooklyn, New York, school teacher turned professional singer. Trained by Phil Moore, Jr. – “Get Your Act Together”.  Phil was the first Black arranger for MGM studios and also wrote and sometimes performed arrangements for Diahanne Carroll; Goldie Hawn; The Temptations; Marilyn Monroe; Dorothy Dandridge; and many more. 

Caralyn has performed with the well known Swing Band – White Heat Swing Orchestra – in Boston, MA and also with the Steve Lane Band as the lead singer. She has also recorded many radio jingles (with Kevin Tracey Production Co.). 

She performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park (home of the BOSTON RED SOX baseball team) and has performed at many fund raisers including the New York Detox Program for Firemen and Emergency workers from 9/11.

She sang back-up for Michael Butler (Whitney Houston’s Musical Director for the last 19 yrs) and recorded closing credit song “Everyday Hero” for ANSWERING THE CALL  – a documentary about volunteers at ground zero.

She also recorded vocals for THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Public Service Announcement, “Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others”.

 Seeing how her daughters had experienced some of their friends make some dangerous choices in life such as, picking a fight with someone, hooking up with a complete stranger, hanging around with the wrong crowd or even getting into a car with a drunk driver, choices that could affect them for the rest of their lives, Caralyn decided to become a youth activist and help kids young and old learn about making good choices in life – through her web site she is able to help parents and kids on a grassroots level. Her web site is www.twth.org


1. Why is creativity important to you?

Because it’s a very high level of communication and the better your skill in the area of creativity the more your communication impacts or touches others. And everyone has the ability to create something.


2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

I guess that would be singing.  I’ve been doing it for quite some years and it never gets old it’s always fresh and I can pretty much predict what my audience will like and I deliver just that.  And the applause or the acknowledgement is like nothing in the material world… nothing.
3. Do you have any fears when creating?

I used to but then I took lessons, performed in the studio and to live audiences and the more experience I had the easier it got and the more fun.  I know the technical things I need to do to make sure my creativity is professional and so with that ‘work done’ I can just go out and freely sing and have a blast … no matter the size of the audience.  And yes, my family and friends are very very supportive and encouraging.


4.Are your family and friends
 supportive of the things you create?

And yes, my family and friends are very very supportive and encouraging.
5. How do you find time to create?
I make the time.  But singing isn’t the only thing I create.  I create at work with my fellow staff.  I am ‘in the moment’ so to speak, so no matter the pressures or numbers of things to do, I can create light moments in the midst of intense stuff and it keeps me and those around me happy.

I create the world around me just driving every day.  LA has some amazing trees and amazing architecture.  If you just ‘look’ you can take the same route every day and still see new things to marvel at.

I recall looking at the world this way as a child.  And I see it this way, but my judgement and my wisdom is much greater than then so the enjoyment is heightened as well.

Words of inspiration to creative chicks:
Step back, take a look at things around you. Step out of your head and feel the space and freedom. Or… take a walk and look at things far and near. And do that until you are completely extroverted. Cheers!