So you’re ready to get back out there, you’re over your ex, you’ve rediscovered you and you are just READY.  This is a big step, venturing back into the unknown, flirting, online dating, dating services, blind dates, bad dates, first kisses but this is just the norm for a single gal.  If you’re a single mama you have even more hurdles – little people depend on you. They depend on you literally to get places and do things but emotionally as well and this can quite easily be the hardest part.

What are the new “rules”? Well now you have your mama-gut instinct to follow but just a few bits of advice:

* Don’t forget to make YOU a priority.
* Take time to “flip the switch” from mom to hot date.
* Be totally honest with the guys you date.
* Don’t introduce the kids too soon and force a “playing house” scenario.
* Stay in the present – enjoy dating and have a good time.  Try not to fast forward to your personal “Brady Bunch” scenario.

The best part about being a single mom and not just a single woman is you have things figured out the other gals don’t.  You are not battling your own biological clock. You know what you want and you know what your priorities are.

Kim Primerano President of LoveHappensHere. Visit to find more about dating as a single mom.