If you’re looking for romance, try this. I think you’ll like it, and have some fun. Let yourself go a little crazy. Ask your friends for suggestions, and watch the magic happen.

Make a change to your hairstyle, and wear it this new way for three days. Think, everyday, about all the things that you would like to find in a new partner; humor, intelligence, a good job, strong family ties etc., etc. Be as detailed as you can.

Then, on the fourth day, change your hairstyle again, and wear it this way for three more days. Keep going over the list of what you want. Review it every day, even 9 times a day if possible.

On the seventh day, change your hairstyle once again. Wear it this way for three days, and continue to visualize what you want.

On the thirteenth day, change your hairstyle again, and wear it this way for three days once again. That’s it. The method is complete, and you’ve found that a feather extension might be just the thing to make your day.

You have eliminated the obstacles that stand between you and the partner of your dreams. As you change your hairstyle, you are letting go of fixed ideas, changing your habits, and having some fun – any one of which might have been a stumbling block to attracting the right partner.

Good luck. Let us know what happens. We all love a great romance story.


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