Anyone who follows fashion knows that it is anything but predictable!  If you are traveling to the Middle East this summer (or just want to be inspired by another culture), make sure to read our Istanbul guide to the hottest trends of the summer. Instead of the arrival of futuristic fashion, 2011 saw the revival of the old with a touch of the new. Shops are now bursting with a mix of 50s, 70s, and 80s fashion: you’ll find long sweeping skirts; wide-legged, flared pants; platform shoes; one-piece swimsuits; leggings; and the infamous shoulder pads that have somehow once again found their way back into our wardrobes.

But it’s not just the old that hit the shelves this season. In addition to the rebirth of the past eras came a new wave of bohemian multiculturalism spurting with hyper prints, colorful patterns, and mystical Eastern aesthetics.

No need to get overwhelmed with all the different styles and trends blending with each other. Here are the top looks of the season, with tips on how to make them work. Now, sit back, put on your fashionista glasses, and read on.

Bohemian Grove
Hippie culture is back, minus the soft drugs and the sexual revolution, with high-waisted pants, skirts, and shorts. In line with the hippie ideal of freedom, bohemian-style clothes are ideal for women who love to combine comfort and style. Bangles and flowery headbands anyone?

If you’re not a full-time hippie, you can still embrace the comeback of this extraordinary culture—say on a Sunday barbeque or a weekend-long music festival. Try combining maxi dresses with long necklaces and John Lennon style round sunglasses. Add some movement to your outfits with feathers and fringes on accessories, bags, and shoes.

Color Me Mine
As the Judas tress blossom in Istanbul, the dark elegance of winter fashion gets exchanged for the flourishing colors of summer. But more than any other year, this year’s slogan is “Triumph of the Colors!” And the good news is that you can wear ginger yellow, hot pink, and green tones with complacency.  Even if you’re leaning on the conservative side when it comes to fashion, you can embrace the color revelry by adding colorful accessories to your outfits and turn even business clothes into fresh and fun outfits. If you’re brave enough, try contrasting colors, maybe even a red dress with blue heels!

Ballerina Swing
The impact of Black Swan is noticeable on the streets of Istanbul with fluttering skirts and dresses. Powder colored dresses and rose-colored tops have now become essentials in every shopaholic’s wardrobe.

If not for your daily wear, add a bit of ballerina effect to your evening gowns. A silky black, chic pink, or sparkly cream evening gown will definitely work wonders with high-heels. Don’t forget to add a detail of chiffon and feathers!

Look good while enjoying all the style variations and trends that Istanbul fashion has to offer!