Ever since I decided to work from home, I have encountered many different reactions. Some enviously say they would love to escape from the office politics, their micro-managing boss and the rush hour traffic. Others look at me as if they don’t believe I have a real job. It has been an interesting experience trying to explain what it means working from home and why I cannot just leave to run errands at a moment’s notice.

Whether starting your own business or telecommuting, working from home can be a daunting experience. There is no drive home to think about the work day and to give you an opportunity to disconnect from all work related matters. There is no official boundaries between work and personal life. You absolutely must enjoy what you do and have a high-degree of discipline.

On the upside, there is no punching clock and no one to reprimand you for being late. Working from home has given many women the opportunity of taking care of their children while still having a professional identity. For some it works wonderfully, while for others the distractions are too much to take.

How can I increase productivity while working from home, you ask? I have spoken with some experts and here are some tips for you. Do you have a secret weapon? Please go ahead and share!

Set a work schedule. Know when to start and end your work day. When to take lunch and when to check your email.

Avoid distractions. Close the door. Don’t take any non-scheduled calls. Determine what is your distraction and take preventive measures.

Find a support group. Plan some adult interaction. Whether social or professional, support from other women or business colleagues will recharge your batteries and keep you focus.

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