After another week of communicating at a level of children under 4 years old, I (in desperation) asked my husband for a topic to spark some thought into my head. Surprisingly he said “Write about what kind of purse is going to come in.”

As I outlined this post I asked him where his stroke of genius had come from. He told me about a coworker that came back in after work and said “I noticed my purse seemed too light when I got to the car, then I realized I forgot my laptop.” Then she proceeded to easily drop her laptop into her magic “Mary Poppins” bag.

That was more than I needed; he had just given me everything for my post today. Thank you Seth!

The Evolution of the Purse Through 2010-2011 year.

Let’s start with a little recap of where we have been:

  • Gathered “Mary Poppins” carpet bags with a leather twist

Where purses are going:

  1. Gathers will turn to box pleats
  2. Fold over tops
  3. Shrink until reaches the size of a clutch.
  4. Excess fabric will disappear and smooth sleek structures will emerge.
  5. Details and emphasis will be added though: Fabric pattern, color, texture, and line.

Race Day Leather Clutch Purse in Caramel by gogovivi

Silk Lined Red and Cream Cameo Frame Kisslock Clutch by Briana Edelman Designs

Here is Why these changes will happen:

  1. Spring is here with Summer right behind it. We want to lose weight, the easiest place to lose it is in our purse. Plus we don’t need to balance out all of the winter layers and Uggs
  2. “Simplify, de-clutter, and don’t look excessive.” These are the themes for this year and next. The general population is tired of people who look “fake,” as if their stuff has to be brought everywhere in order to prove themselves. Minimize and you look simply secure.
  3. Symbolically- “Our pocket books are shrinking” The economy is down and we don’t have excess and waste, in or on our purses. There may not be a lot of money in there, but we are secure with that. We will find that there is so much we can do with a good fabric, print or pattern, design and ingenious detailing.

As a side note for beach bags, of course you can’t fit a towel in a clutch.

Blue Lotus Collection Lined in Apricot Silk by Fiazco

So just look for simple lines and splashes in the summer favorite colors (check out the post on Spring/Summer colors).