Today it is such an honor and privilege to feature Liz Tamanaha, the fabulously talented designer behind the digital scrapbook design label, Paislee Press.  I found Liz through searching for new, fun digital scrapbook products at OScraps over a year or so ago.  Liz’s style completely took my breath away.  I had felt so often that my digi scrapbook art was too simple and that I needed to learn how to embellish better.  Liz sees the world a little differently though.  Her motto is “embrace your inner minimalist.” Ever since seeing Liz’s work and “embracing” her motto, I’ve been so much happier in my artistic creations.  Simple can be absolutely stunning and completely breathtaking.

Now you get to find inspiration from Liz, who – by the way – is one of the most genuinely kind women I’ve ever had the opportunity to interview.  Check out Liz and get inspired today (I’ve put some of her lovely layouts throughout the post so you can see her gorgeous creative work – click on them to see them larger):

A little about Liz:
I currently reside in Los Angeles with my husband Eric and daughters, Audrey and Madeline. Things that make me happy: freshly laundered sheets. jack johnson songs. dymo labelers. handwritten notes. road trips. the smell of freshly ground coffee. jeans + flip flops. maui. red velvet cupcakes. jazz. my daughters’ laughter. organizational gadgets. the thin pancakes from pie ‘n burger. all things anthropologie.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

When I am creating, I am in own little world – I feel purposeful, I feel safe. It’s about the only time I consistently feel comfortable in my own skin. For me, creativity is also a frame of mind – it helps me find joy in everyday tasks that I don’t necessarily look forward to – like cooking (and yes, even laundry).

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

I get the most joy from documenting the everyday, ordinary moments – via scrapbook layouts, photographs, and maintaining my online journal (a log of everyday conversations and things that my daughters say and do).

3. Do you have any fears when creating? Are you friends and family supportive of the things you create?

During the creative process, I don’t think about it. The fear and apprehension usually comes later, when I think about how people will respond to it. Creating is a soul-baring process, so it’s to hard not feel vulnerable when you reveal your work to others.

My family and friends are definitely supportive – they are my biggest fans and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!

4. How do you find time to create?

I schedule it into my day like I do any other task (doctor’s appointments, etc.).

5. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

Trust your creative instincts and embrace + nurture what it is that makes you unique.


As I was typing out Liz’s interview, I noticed how Liz’s answers were short and to the point – just as one would expect a “minimalist” to be.  Her sweet, succinct answers are definitely packed with power!  I loved her advice to creative chicks to “trust your creative instincts and embrace + nurture what it is that makes you unique.”  As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am guilty of killing my creativity by comparing my creative work to others’.  Today, after being inspired by Liz, I’m resolving to do better at ‘”trusting my creative instincts” and “embracing what makes me unique.”  Thank you so much for inspiring us today, Liz!

In honor of Liz’s feature, I put together an entire digital scrapbook page using Liz’s Paislee Press products.  It was such a good creative activity for me and I was tempted to make many more pages using her designs that day (I always LOVE scrapping with her designs!!), but was unable to, due to time constraints.  This made me realize that I haven’t been allowing myself enough time to scrapbook.  It’s something I absolutely love to do and it always helps me celebrate the little beautiful moments and people in my life.  Credits: “Park Avenue” by Paislee Press (paper, stamp frame), “PressPlate No. 13” by Paislee Press (template); Font: dearJoe four and Typenoksidi

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What’s inspiring your creativity right now? Do you “embrace your inner minimalist?” What are you going to resolve to do better this week to allow your creativity to shine?