Today it is such a pleasure to feature a friend of mine whom I admire and am inspired by, Jyl Pattee.  Jyl is a passionate person who truly creates miracles in her path.  If you were to tell Jyl, “nothing great ever happens for me,” I’m sure her reply would be “make great things happen for you.”  That’s truly Jyl’s attitude in life.  She doesn’t expect the world to bow down and give her anything.  She works crazy-hard to change her stars and make her dreams come true.  I admire this most about Jyl.

Now you get the opportunity to get to know Jyl and be creatively inspired today:

A little about Jyl:
Jyl Johnson Pattee is a cheese-obsessed mom to two elementary-aged boys. She loves dancing, traveling, and bold MAC eye shadow colors. She is a social media enthusiast, mompreneur, cause marketer, and founder of Mom It Forward and the weekly #gno Twitter parties.  She’s also co-organizing the fabulous Evo Conference this summer in Park City, UT, which focuses on social media and blogging.  Named one of Parents Magazine 2010 Power Moms, Jyl is known as a “connector” who brings good ideas and people together to make a positive impact for brands and/or causes through education and sharing of experiences.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

Giving my mind the unstructured freedom to soar and coming up with wacky, fun ideas helps me do the day in/day out tasks required to make my business move forward. I find that when I don’t build in time for creative exploration, I have a more difficult time performing basic and sometimes mind-numbing, but necessary tasks

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

I love the entire process of bringing people together—from conception of an event (whether online or offline), to the invitation, to the actual rolling out process, and most especially the debriefing—talking about and reliving the experience and discussing ROI and lessons learned. Creativity plays a vital role in coming up with ways where meaningful connections can happen almost effortlessly. I love it!!!

3. Do you have any fears when creating? Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?

For me, my fears usually surface at the outset when a project is less defined. I love the chaotic state of a project’s beginning, but if the chaos lingers and doesn’t start taking shape at a certain point, I get frustrated. My family understands this about me and is absolutely supportive in helping me push past it and stay focused on the goal.

4. How do you find time to create?

While I have uninterrupted time during the day when both my boys are in school, I try to make creating—both having a creative mindset and capturing creative moments—a part of every activity I’m engaged in. I go to movies and analyze fonts as the credits roll. I go out to eat and check out the restaurant’s branding. I rip out magazine pages I think are pretty. I take screen shots of awesome website designs. I write about events that I felt were successful, analyzing what about them moved me. So much about creativity for me is remembering or discovering the why—why a particular thing or event made a positive impression on me or others and how I can recreate that feeling.

5. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

Give back by building up those around you. Share your talents. Be happy with others’ success and tell the world about it. Be truly inspired by the brilliance of those in your same space/industry. That’s where some of your greatest connections, friendships, and creativity will come from!


I really appreciate Jyl’s words of inspiration to creative chicks today; it’s definitely an angle we’ve not yet heard of from our creative chick weekly features.  Isn’t it the truth, though, that when you give back, share your talents and cheer other’s on around you that it only builds you up in return?  So often as women we get competitive and frustrated to watch someone else succeed, especially in something we feel we deserve also.  What does this comparison and envy do, though?  It KILLS creativity.  It KILLS what is uniquely yours to bring to life and the world.  It also kills the opportunities to strengthen relationships and grow friendships in unlikely places.

So… today what are we going to do?  Today we’re not going to compare ourselves to others and we’re going to celebrate the successes of those around us.  Right, creative chicks?  Right.

Thank you so much for inspiring us with your creativity today, Jyl!  We’re cheering you on and wish you nothing but continued success!!

p.s. check out Jyl’s site Mom It Forward for excellent parenting info, giveaways and lots of fun!