At the last Startup Princess SLC Chapter Meeting*, Ann Webb spoke on creating your ideal life by using a “life vision.”  Ann’s presentation left me breathless.  She spoke about how she changed her stars through creating a life vision.  Through this, she brought her family out of struggling desperately financially into doubling her family’s income yearly income and then creating a million-dollar company.  She also spoke about how the even greater blessings that have come from her life vision have been improved family relationships and overcoming her paralyzing shyness.  I was in awe.

What is a life vision, you may ask?  Check out this link on Ann’s site that tells all about it in much better description than I could give:

I spoke with her afterward and she invited me to attend her next Life Vision workshop (8 hours spent creating your life vision statement).  My life will never be the same.  Since creating my life vision, I listen to it every day and it keeps me very focused on all the aspects of my life (spiritual, physical, relationships, professional and personal).  I no longer fret about things not happening in my life; I’m comfortable and peaceful to embrace the process of living every day to create my ideal life.

It’s my great pleasure to feature Ann today and let you all get to know and be inspired by her:

A little about Ann:
Ann Webb, a LifeVision expert & mentor, works with entrepreneurs & other highly motivated individuals in creating a powerful recorded Lifevision that defines their soul purpose, provides clarity and focus for not only their business but all areas of their life! In 1989, she was introduced to the concept of the LifeVision by her coach and mentor Leo Weidner, former student of Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich). Ann received her training from Coach Training Alliance, various mentors, and 20 years of experience. She also previously worked as a coach for LifeBalance Institute. Ann and her husband Scott are the parents of 5 children and currently live in Utah. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Ann can be found in the mountains hiking, trail-running, mountain biking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing. Being in the outdoors and taking on the challenge of competing in triathlons & bike racing are a few of her current passions.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

I’m all about looking at things a little differently. The two MAIN ways that I use creativity in my life (and that I’m most-known for) is 1) creating my own adventurous & ideal life regardless of circumstance (even on a shoe string budget in the past) and 2) creating “possibility”even when there didn’t seem to be any. I have learned that Creativity is merely utilizing possibilities in unique and original ways.

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

Oh wow…that’s a hard one so there is no way I’ll be able to narrow it down to one thing. I enjoy creating memories with my family (skiing, traveling, good food, & fun parties). In addition, I love creating unique outfits & interesting photos! But what I probably love most is creating my future via my Ideal LifeVision!

3. Do you have any fears when creating? Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?

At times I have had plenty of fears! But recently I read the book Failing Forward by John Maxwell and it was a great reminder that there is not much forward progression without the history of multiple failures. I’ve failed plenty in my life from business failures, to speaking flops to burned dinners. What I know is that despite the fears, you take the risk. For in the risk will blossom your greatest successes. My family & friends are highly supportive of the things I choose to create in my life (unless I make them my CONSTANT guinea pigs!)

4. How do you find time to create?

I find time to create by utilizing a combination of 2 things: Getting up before 5:30 am and scheduling my priorities (which always involves a form of creating….like writing a blog post)

5. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

Take your creativity beyond just “thinking” up new ideas & projects. Put your creativity to action….frequently called innovation!


In essence, creating my life vision statement meant taking all my goals and aspirations and putting them into a written action plan.  My perspective on dreams and wishes has changed completely.  If I want something great to come into my life, I put it into my life vision statement and know it will come.  Ann has literally changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful to her.  Thank you for inspiring all of us, today, Ann!

For more information on Ann and her workshops see her website: