Life has been a complete whirlwind lately!  This past weekend was my daughter’s 3rd birthday which ended up taking a LOT more time and energy than I originally anticipated (isn’t that how most things go?).  Thus, I’ve been terrible at updating this blog… I’m so sorry.  🙁

Today I’ve got a giant project that’s my first priority, but I would feel really badly to miss posting today again so I thought I’d share a link from one of my favorite blogs,  This post by Jessica Cudzilo has really got me excited and eagerly anticipating spring and especially spring fashions: Dreaming of Spring.

These items were the ones that got me the most excited.  The jacket is from Ruche and the sweater is from J. Crew.  Aren’t they fabulous?!  I am loving the spring fashion trends for 2010Everything is looking very basic and balanced with lots of feminine flair (especially in the ruffles!!!).

Be sure to check out the full article on  There’s LOTS more yummy spring fashions that you’re sure to adore!