Recently, I became the proud owner of a custom the r house hand-stamped necklace!!!  As a member of, we were all recently fortunate enough to review and see first-hand all the wonderful creations from the r house.  You may remember that I featured them awhile ago, so I already went into this a BIG fan.  However, after seeing their jewelry and hearing their stories behind everything… let’s just say… I’M HOOKED FOR LIFE.  My wish list just keeps growing longer and longer each day.

So today I wanted to show you my gorgeous necklace and toot the “the r house” horn again.  They had lots of different styles of the silver “Sassy” part of the necklace for us to choose from.  I loved this one’s design.  Then, they had a lot of different styles of beads for us to add to our necklaces, making each of our necklaces very sentimental to us.

I fought for with flying elbows and hormonal aggression chose the beautiful little jade bird.  I’ve got a thing for green (you all know this very well) and I love birds.  I also chose a pearl and a sweet little purple-y bead.  All-in-all, there’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t wear this necklace.  I’m completely in love with it!

You can see all what all the other Sassies thought of their custom necklaces in our Review and be watching tomorrow for the fun, follow-up Friday post (generally there is a giveaway and I hope there is for the r house; you’ll want to be SURE to watch for that).