Although we’ve featured bits and pieces of Ruche here before, I wanted to do a full post on some of their lovely women’s fashion trends today.  Have you spent time looking through  It’s one of the greatest things since sliced bread (not even exaggerating).  I love their indie/vintage looks.  My fashion dreams now consist of filling my entire closet with Ruche items… and their JEWELRY is so dreamy, too.  But, alas… I need to quit typing and start showing you why I’m so crazy about them!

Sprouting Up –

Even though this shirt has sold out, I had to feature it.  Isn’t it lovely?  And I think it could work beautifully to be made modest with a pretty v-neck/scoop-neck shirt underneath, especially with sleeves that end at the elbow.  It would also look gorgeous with a simple cardigan on top.  You’d want to leave it open, though, so the lovely embellishing could shine through.  I think the thing that draws me most to this outfit is the simple colors (tan/khaki with white linen pants) with the bright pop of blues in the embellishing.  This top would also be fabulous for people like me that need some proportion-compensating for not being as well-endowed in the chest region (a.k.a. members of the “flat like a wall” club).

Picture Frames –

This is a really great outfit, combo.  I especially am crazy about the belted look in the final picture.  The top is quite loose fitting, but it’s well-balanced by the form-fitting leggings.  This looks like such a comfortable outfit that wouldn’t look sloppy.  It could work well for a day running errands with the kiddos or even a get-together with friends.  Since I’m a food photographer by profession, I have this vision of things that work well as a “photographer outfit” and this would definitely classify as something I’d wear to a shoot.  It would look professional, but still casual enough for my clients to feel comfortable (even though I’d be so drop-dead sexy they’d have a hard time focusing on the food – always a problem… ha, ha).  Just fabulous.

Orange Sherbet –

I also have a BIG thing for orange… oddly enough my high school’s colors were green and orange (lucky, right?).  This orange top is just gorgeous.  I love the pin tucks along the bottom, as well as the vintage embroidery across the bodice.  They’ve paired it perfectly with the chocolate-colored cardigan and sailor pants (aren’t sailor pants AWESOME?!!).  Yes, I’ll take this whole outfit right away please.

Here’s some of my favorite tops: Celestial Embroidery Tank, Poplin Zipper Top, Daisy Wings Cap Sleeve Top and the Bella Embroidered Striped Tunic

And a few fun shoes: Pink Studio Leisa gray platform wedge sandals, Gray Studded Pointy Heels and Rocket Dog “Dart” frayed canvas ballet flats (I love Rocket Dog shoes!!)

Here’s some of their sexy earrings: Up Up and Away Dangling Earrings, Coral Moondrop Swarovski Earrings, Mini Mesh Rose Earrings in Silver, Golden Flower Drop Earrings, Jaded Dangling Hoop Earrings by Ollipop and Golden Daisy Sparrow Drop Earrings

A few rad bags: Box Pockets Purse in Chestnut, Leaf Bag in Avocado and Take Me With You Clutch

I love these necklaces: Not So Typical Diamond Locket Necklace by Thursday Island, Cream Rose Indie Necklace, Cherokee Feather Necklace by Thursday Island and All in a Dream Sparrow Necklace

To-die-for accessories: Chenin Grape Scarf in Chocolate, Sweet Sage Flower Headband, A Straw Hat for Huck’s Girl, Grey Berriflower Headband, Mustard Seed Ruffled Scarf and Astrantia Melody Headband

And now, the grand finale… yummy rings: Flower Child Oval Cocktail Ring by Ollipop, Purple Quartz Daisy Ring by Ollipop, Baby’s Breath Ring by Ollipop, Lost in Time Capsule Cocktail Ring by Ollipop, Lorelei Pearl Ring and Green Leaf Flower Ring

So…. are you loving Ruche like I am?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!