I have been searching for an explanation of proportion and the golden mean, that is easier than using fractions. Since most of us don’t carry tape measures into dressing rooms, and doing fractions along with it is far too complex. So I found a simple explanation of ideal head to toe proportions.

  1. Head- top of head top tip of chin (one head length will be our standard of measure)
  2. Chin to bust point
  3. Bust Point to Waist (navel or thinnest part of your torso)
  4. Waist to Leg Break (the crease when you sit)
  5. Leg break to Middle of Thigh
  6. Middle Thigh to Middle of your Knee
  7. Middle Knee to Middle Calf
  8. Middle Calf to Bottom of foot

This image is not exact, but gives a basic break down of what we are looking for.  I hope this helps clarify and simplify the last few posts!

Having said this let’s move in to some elements of design to help give optical illusions to compensate in areas where we need a little proportion adjustment. We have discussed how to move our waists up or down with lines and detailing, now lets talk another main point of interest: The Bust. I won’t tell you what is too big or too small, I think we all know what category we fall in. If you are unsure you are probably just right!

For the Bust that is too Low or Small:

  • The push up bra – one obvious solution
  • Brighter colored or patterned tops with neutral to dark solid pants/skirts

Feathery Tank by Anthropologie – $68.00

  • Multiple strands of Jewelry (not too big or it will emphasize what is not there)

Bohemian Blue and Red Necklace by Botanical Bird – (sold out)

  • Don’t show too much skin. (for sleeveless wear a wide strap instead of strapless or spaghetti straps)

Wide Strap Dress by Treehouse 28 – (sold out)

  • Detailing, ruffles, texture, and/or color around the neckline (help fill in the empty visual space)

Skinny Taffy Teal Scarflette Scarf by Flutter – $30.00

For High/Full Bust:

  • Lower cut v- necks
  • Bulky necklaces that hit between your collar bone and bust point

Handcrafted Artistic Stone Kambala Jasper, Obsidian and Sterling Silver Necklace (Item No. 707) by Minden Marie Jewelry – $49.00

  • Button up shirts (don’t button too high!)
  • Darker colored blouse with a patterned skirt

Snuggle Up Top/Wrap Around Shirt by Shihar – $85.00

Picnic Favor Outfit by Anthropologie

  • Skin toned or light pink blouse with jacket or vest that comes to a low V

Tattoo Inspired Kiku Flower Womens V Neck T Shirt by Namu – $35.00

  • Make sure your blouse is long enough to compensate for the fullness. (don’t tuck in your shirt)

For additional reading on Body Proportions, check out this article by Inside Out Style: Body Proportions Explained

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