It’s been a fun, busy weekend and I wanted to toss this out to let y’all know about this super-rad teleconference the Casual Blogger Conference ladies are putting together for this Thursday night:

As you know, the Casual Blogger Conference is bound to be absolutely amazing!  The purpose of this teleconference is let everyone know a bit more about Casual Blogger Conference in May while meeting some of the speakers and learning some more about these cool topics: Is it too late to cash in on that Cash-Cow of blogging?  How to make your online business/blog more profitable. Blogging: Man vs Woman. Who has more power? Your life is not a bed of roses – Why you should be authentic on your blog.  The train wreck of blog-haters. Why do you keep blogging? and much more.

Sounds like a blast to me!  What else will these fab ladies come up with next?