Since I’m at a bit of a crossroads with what to do with my Monday posts (since I’m no longer doing design work and thus don’t want to do “Design Monday” posts) I thought I’d put it out there to my fabulous readership to ask what you’d like to see here on Mondays.

Here’s a few ideas, but if you have an original idea that you think would be awesome, by all means, tell me!  I’d really love to hear your input:

  • More fun products featured from creative chicks
  • Guest posts from creative chicks
  • Design Monday, with a focus on featuring design blogs (rather than blogs I’ve designed)
  • Creative inspiration or a creative project idea

Hmmm.. actually, it looks like I don’t have too many ideas.  How about you let me know in the comments what’s working for you here on CBC and what you’d like to see more of.  I have the BEST readers in the blogosphere, so I’m certain your ideas will rock the house!