I woke up early this morning to find something fabulous to feature on CBC today, when lo and behold, in my email was a sweet little note from a really lovely Etsy artisan!  I checked out her store and immediately wanted to feature her and her beautiful, vintage earrings and hairpins… soooo fun!  So, without further ado, check out these little beauties, created by Erica of {Little Lovelies}.  p.s. don’t forget to click on the pics to be redirected to the item in her store.

Purple Gardenia Flower Lovely earrings – $7.50

Orange Ornate Floral Hair Lovely – $2.25

Light Blue Gardenia Flower Lovely earrings – $7.50

Lily Pad Hair Lovely – $1.50

Coral Leaf Heart Lovelies – $7.00

Oooh, la, la!  I could snag up every single one of these!  I think I would quickly become addicted and my other earrings and hairpins would wonder what they ever did to never be worn again.

I snagged up a fun little jade green beaded bracelet from a fun online shop I stalk and wore it every day until the Sunday before last when my 1.5 y/o pulled on it and the bracelet broke, sending beads all over the chapel floor (very reverently, though, of course).  I’ve definitely felt a void in my wardrobe and have decided that I am a person who thrives on wearing green accessories.  Call me crazy, but I swear it helps me stay centered and happy during the day.  So… I think these little babies from {Little Lovelies} would be the PERFECT addition to my wardrobe (looking at them feels heavenly… ahhh….):

Celery Sprig Vintage Flower Cabochon Studs – $8.00

What’s your favorite from {Little Lovelies}Do you have a color that you love to wear and especially accessorize with?

Thank you for your fabulous creativity, Erica!  We LOVE your {Little Lovelies} shop!!!

p.s. Erica has a stinkin’ fun blog I’m going to start following now because I think she’s hilarious and possibly a long-lost sister – check it out: Erica’s Bloggity Blog.  She’s also a preggo photog, just like me!  Seriously, meant to friends or what?