Yes, it’s true.  I’m pining for a “mom bag.”  This needs to be a sassy bag that fits all my stuff with ease.  I want to fit my wallet, phone, keys, business card holder (need to make and print my cards to put in it, though) in it for quick access.  I also want to be able to toss a spare diaper and some wipes, a snack for the kiddos and possibly a sippy cup in it.  There don’t need to be holders for all of these things, but it does need to be convenient.  I’ve had mom bags that are sooo ginormous that you lose anything that goes into it.  At the checkout line in the supermarket I feel like Mary Poppins searching through my giant carpet bag just to find my wallet to purchase my groceries (everyone in line is rolling their eyes behind me).  I’d almost rather have a small bag and an additional diaper bag (most likely to leave in the car, not actually carry around with me) than have that kind of experience again.

So, today I went hunting on Etsy and found some fabulous, boho-chic, handmade bags that are sassy and could fit what I’m looking for in a “mom bag.”  Check ’em out (click on the pics to be redirected to the item’s site):

Truffle bag in teal by Morelle – $225.00

The Market Bag in Gunmetal Gray by Moop – $93.00

Turquoise Linen everyday purse by Sinem Inugur – $30.00

Burgandy canvas everyday purse by Bayan Hippo – $36.00

Which bags did you like the most?  I’m noticing that the basic shape of all of these bags is similar and I LOVE it!  Also, the colors are all really trendy for the Fashion and Color Trends for 2010.

Have you got a “mom bag?”  Any advice for finding the perfect one?  What features are a must?

p.s. For those of you wondering where my blog design services and info went, I’ve recently decided to stop offering my design services for hire.  Things have gone so well, so quickly that I just can’t keep up.  Thank you for your support and love in this endeavor!  Things will continue on as normal here at, minus mentioning my design projects.  Love you all!!