Why the FAD is bad. Don’t get me wrong, fashion is wonderful, but Fads and Fashion are totally separate things, and it is time to point that out! First of all the definition of Fad, a fad is something that is trendy, has no or very little element of design to it, and will go out faster than it came in. Those pictures that you hate in two years and wonder “what on earth was I thinking, I looked awful in that, but it was ‘in’!” that is a FAD.

Oversized T-shirts with biker shorts, hemp necklaces with no shirt and leprechaun shoes, tuck in that giant T-shirt, add a belt, black jeans and more leprechaun shoes! Cool? FAD!

Fashion on the other hand follows elements and principles of design (look them up in a design book, or just keep reading this post each week, because I am going to highlight one of the elements or principles each week). Fashion is something that also is catching and soothing to the eye of the general audience, and will continue to be used in different ways throughout the decades.

Fashionable: Bon Voyage Navy Pleated Skirt Dress from Shabby Apple – $78.00

Here is an example of a fad that you will hate yourself someday for wearing: Uggs and capris!

Some of you may hate me already for just writing this because you have worn them and jumped on the fad wagon. But let me point out why this fad will fade fast and how it is reckless abandonment of elements and principles of design. Some of you might say the rules are made to be broken, but not ignorantly ignored and that’s what this fad does. Don’t worry though if you’ve made this mistake; we have all made plenty!

1. Line and figure flattery– The wonderful thing about design is you can accentuate any figure and bring out beauty of the wearer with lines, colors, and patterns. But if you misapply or ignore design then you will exaggerate and pull out the worst of a figure.

Notice that nobody’s and I mean nobody’s figure looks very nice from the hip down with this combo. That is because it creates two very LARGE tubes equal to the hip tube (the largest point on your lower half). Also it gives you a 1-2” visual of skin at THE THICKEST PART OF YOUR LEG!!!! Creating the visual image that your calf is as large as the widest part, all the way up and down!

She may look “cool”, but her calves look humungous! (and I’m guessing they aren’t really)

The lines that cut right at your calf also visually shorten your leg to make you look like a munchkin. (Notice the girl on the right) Whereas, if you are wearing full length skinny jeans, tucked in with uggs, it lessens the effect by visually carrying your leg down into the boot rather than the boot being part of the leg. But if you have short legs already, just skip the uggs there are plenty of other options! Even if you wear fitted capris it still has a chopping effect, too many horizontal lines making very wide, short legs! We all know by now horizontal lines shorten and widen!

2. Mass/visual mass/density/weight– Even if you wear slender capris and you believe your leg doesn’t look like a massive tube, or you don’t mind the cut at the thickest part of your leg, there is a visual mass that is not balanced and it is brought to those “clodhoppers”. The weight of denim and other fabrics covering balances the weight. Right now the visual emphasis is on the silhouette as a whole and up towards your lovely face.

Notice how much stuff these women are carrying up top and they still don’t look balanced! They look cluttered, unorganized and unaware that the primary thing you notice are the massive boots, and you are distracted too much to notice what lovely springy dresses and faces they have. Exaggerated visual weight at your feet is just confusing or weird to most people’s psyche when they look at you. So it is not soothing or lovely, it’s just a fad.

3. Seasons! – Okay, I know we are all sick of snow and would love to wear our capris, but if it is too cold then it is too cold. If you need some spring in your life but it is too cold, use brighter colors, light cotton with lots of layers, floral patterns, and of flower headbands.

Fashionable: Tropical Escape necklace by Rachelle D. – $29.50

Seasonal clothing is there for a purpose, not just for comfort it also makes others comfortable and is visually satisfying. For instance, how would it look if you showed up wearing Eskimo clothes to a Luau in Hawaii? Or how about just the opposite what would you think of a person walking around in a bikini out in the snow? If we go against the weather and all common sense, it is usually because we want special attention put on ourselves and go to extremes because we are insecure. This isn’t a psychologically appealing concept right now. Most people want to know people who are not caught up in themselves and are not going to extreme to find attention. Seasonally Uggs and Capris look confused, and even if the weather is confused, we don’t want to be completely blown around by it or be as confused as the weather.

What looks do you think are fads right now?  What fashion fad have you participated in and then regretted later (we’ve all done that)?