This post is a continuation of my previous Fashion Friday post.

Increased consumer education in a shaky economy is a common cycle or trend throughout fashion history. We are headed for some really amazing times in fashion and in our future! I can’t wait to see the creativity and intelligence that burst out of the ashes of the economy!

Tuesday Morning Hairpin Set by Hot Pink Chick – $14.00

Handcrafted, One-of-a-Kind
Because we value supporting our economy and neighbors, consumer education is going up. We want to know that we’re getting quality items that will last. We want to know who makes it – that there is a real person behind it that we can trust, because we have a distrust for the “too big to fail” companies and their motives. Quality is important now – not quantity. You know you aren’t wasting money on corporate handouts and large overhead.

Large Boulder Opal Necklace by Sandrandan – $24.00

Though we will see a variety of items from the internet moving across the country, we will see the spectrum moving closer and closer to home. We have already seen the influence bloggers can have because we trust them. It will just get closer to home as we want to meet those we are putting our trust in. We need to get to know people so that we can understand their motives. Are they just out there to make a buck? Or do they really care about and understand their customers and products.

Rosette Jersey Scarf by Sue Bradbury – $24.00

We will also move toward locally-made because the well educated, jobless people in our communities will start making better products of their own, with higher quality, cutting costs. Sellers will look at “how low can I get the price?” instead of “how much can I charge?” We will get a lower cost, better quality item from someone we trust. Basically it is BACK to the AMERICAN WAY.

Monument Earrings by LKFarnsworth Studio – $19.00

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