Good morning!!  It’s a lovely Monday here and I’m hoping for a miracle week, how about you?

I can’t even believe how booked I am with custom wordpress blog design jobs…. oh, my goodness.  It’s overwhelming in a really fabulous way!  My current workload will keep me busy through most of February, honestly.  Today I’ve got TONS to do (as I’m sure you do, too) and it sounds like my kiddos just woke up, so I’ll be quick with this post.

Lots of my custom wordpress blog design jobs are in the finishing up phase, which I swear is the longest phase… so crazy.  I’ve got a few others that are in the very beginning phase.  One of the jobs that I’ve been just barely getting working into is for a new fabulous food blog that will be called, “Nicolas & Cora.”  One of the writers for it is fairly well-known, so I’m not going to reveal who it is until the blog is complete.  But, I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at their design file:

They want the look of the site to be really fresh and healthy.  One of the writer’s drew these adorable sketches of the two writers that we’ll be incorporating into the design.  It’s going to be really fabulous when it’s done and I can hardly wait to show it to you!

Have a lovely Monday!!  xoxo

p.s. Fashion Friday was unable to happen last week due to Angela having been really sick with an awful migraine (had lasted 3 days at that point).  We hope she feels well soon!  xoxo