Thank you for all your feedback on what to do with my “Design Monday” posts since I’m no longer doing graphic design work for hire.  I’ve decided to just focus on something related to design on Mondays, now.  Today, I wanted to share a pic I found in a google image search.  I haven’t been able to get this photo out of my mind.  I’m completely entranced by the color combos.  Of course, since I’m a food photographer, I find food colors and combos really inspiring to then take into a design palette, whether it be for something graphical or for home decorating.

I’m going to throw something together with this color combo because I simply adore it.  Some of the tones seem a little bolder than what I usually decorate with, but it could be fun to pull the light lemonade color as the primary color and then use the other colors as accents.  Yummy!

Where do you get color inspiration?  What’s your opinion on this color combo (regardless, I will still love it)?  Isn’t God the BEST artist EVER?  Yeah, that’s an understatement… I know.