This week I’m completed delighted to feature one of my favorite gals, Michelle Barneck, of  Honestly, Michelle is such a sweetheart.  She is also a VERY talented lady (& HILARIOUS to boot!).  I think you’ll really love her feature!

A little about Michelle:
Michelle Barneck is the mother to the most amusing two year old boy on the planet and married to Prince Computer Geek. After beginning her career in advertising and spending millions of other people’s dollars working as a Media Planner/Buyer for an agency, she settled down to become the Chief Operations Officer of the Barneck Household. In February of 2009, she broke ground on her blog A Little Tipsy. No, she is not drunk, perhaps a little clumsy. But, she shares a laundry load of creative tips and ideas to spice up life as a SAHM. She is a contributing writer for Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, where she can often be found over-sharing, and is one of eight amazing women making up Sassy Scoops, a Utah Business Review Blog.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

It is what brings a smile to my face. It is all about making each day fun and different in some new way. Being inventive brings an element of excitement in to daily life. Creativity is so indefinitely woven into my life that I cannot imagine a world without it.

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

The unexpected. I love to create things in ways that make people say, “wow, I would have never thought of that.” Hopefully in a good way. I especially like taking things most people would overlook and making them beautiful. I also love creating things for others to enjoy, whether treats to share or gifts to lift spirits I love creating anything that brings a smile to another’s face.

3. Do you have any fears when creating?

Of course, I am something of a perfectionist at times, so my fear is that things will not turn out just right. Sometimes I find myself wearing away precious time adjusting the details. But, I have realized that just right is different to everyone and as long as I am happy with it, all is well.

4. Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?

Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create? Most definitely! All growing up my mom would always tell me I was the creative one in the family, I’m still not sure I believe it. My sisters and friends always call me when they need an idea or brainstorming companion. Good thing I have hundreds of bookmarks from hundreds of brilliantly imaginative people online to diffuse any creativity crisis. 😉

5. How do you find time to create?

I think you can be creative no matter where or what situation you may be in. Whether choosing an outfit for the day, making dinner, or keeping wild toddlers entertained. As for the actual creating, my creative genes are best utilized while the little guy sleeps, whether nap time or night time. I find most adult crafting supplies (rotary cutters, hot glue, spray paint, etc.) don’t mix with two-year-olds trying to take your blood pressure with their doctor’s kit. I also have a wonderful hubby who will keep son entertained for mommy to have some free time to work out her right brain.

6. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

Keep the creativity flowing and don’t worry about everything being perfect. If you have an idea, go for it! If it weren’t for creative people we would still be carrying sticks and living in caves.


Don’t you just love Michelle?  Oh my goodness.. I do.  Get more creativity and inspiration from Michelle’s blog:

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