This week we get the BIG treat of hearing from the adorable Kami Bigler from  I’m a big fan of her blog (and her, of course) and love reading about her creative adventures in motherhood, crafting and mealtime.  I’m sure you’ll get inspired reading this creative chick’s interview!

A little about Kami:
Kami Bigler is a self-described thrift-addict and the blogger behind – a montage of her three favorite creative outlets: crafting, cooking, and thrifting. Her interests include portrait and tabletop photography, paper crafts, decorating and experiencing the thrill of the thrift find. Kami graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Public Relations. Her loves include spending time with her husband, two children and little dog Rukkus. You can follow Kami on Twitter at @kamibigler.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

Without creativity everything is just boring, dull and dead. Creativity challenges me to think outside the box. Creativity keeps me moving. It helps me take an idea and turn it into something tangible or more… my reality. Creativity keeps me in the now.

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

too many to pick just one. setting a pretty tabletop for a special dinner to be enjoyed by family and friends; turning something old into something new; decorating for a party to celebrate the lives of those I love; getting great shots of fun times I don’t ever want to forget, or creating anything with one of my favorite mediums: paper!

3. Do you have any fears when creating?

I don’t have fears, I find that when I am creating, it is when I am most at ease. Usually the tunes are cranked and it’s late at night, so as to not be interrupted.

4. Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?

Everyone in my life is so supportive of the things I create. Probably my biggest support is my husband Kyle, who lets our home become my canvas for my creativity.

5. How do you find time to create?

I make the time and lose out on hours of sleep. It’s worth it to me.

6. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

do what you love! Just do it! I’d rather regret what I did than regret what I didn’t do.


Isn’t Kami so delightful?!  I just adore her and get a BIG kick out of reading her blog, NoBiggie.  Check it out for more fun, inspiration and creativity!

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