Today I’m featuring the fabulous creative chick, Chante’, of Black Satin Shoes.  Her tagline is, “Perfect accessories to wear with your black satin shoes.” I don’t even own any black satin shoes, but now I think I better look into it because all of her accessories would be SOOOO perfect for a lovely night out.

From her profile I found this tasty bit of info that I loved: I love making things that are fun and girly on my off time. I love bows and pearls, so you will find that a lot of things i make are based around that. I also have the problem of wanting to keep everything i make, but who does not.

Doesn’t she sound so fun?  I love that she struggles to sell her creations because she loves them all.  I can totally see why, too.  Here’s a few of my favorites from her shop (click on pics to be redirected to that item in her store):

Kerry Anne (mustard yellow) – $17.00

Pink Cluster Shoe Clips – $17.00

Camille Headband – $18.00

Red Velvet (shoe clips) – $17.00

Serraphina Headband – $19.00

Cream and Gray Cluster Shoe Clips – $16.00

Now I bet you’re just like me, itching for somewhere fancy to go – heck, even going to a movie could be fancy enough to wear heels and pull out some of Black Satin Shoes’ shoe clips!  And the headbands… oh, the headbands.  I think I’m in love with the boho chic look.  I think I could get addicted to buying these fabulous headbands very quickly (already am getting near the “too many” danger point).  Loving your creativity, Chante’!