Yesterday as I was blog-hopping I caught a really inspiring post written by Tsh on, talking about a new (fabulous-sounding) book called, “Steady Days,” written by Jamie Martin.  Tsh interviewed Jamie regarding motherhood and her new book.  Man, just off the interview I gained SOOOO much insight into how to improve what kind of mother I am.  I’m dying to buy the book and will be doing so VERY soon.

Here’s a few snippets I really enjoyed:

  • Jamie talking about being “professional mom” (I love that term, now!): “Professionalism isn’t about perfection or adding anything extra to our already very full plates. It isn’t about trying to “do it all” or do what some other mother is doing with her kids. In my mind, being a professional mother means not allowing life to just happen and pass you by. It means choosing the type of life you want for yourself and your family, and purposefully going after that goal. It means playing to your strengths–thereby becoming the best mother you can be for your children.”
  • Jamie’s answer on how she “does it all:”I only put six things on my to-do list each day. Often the first three repeat: read to the kids, make dinner plans, do laundry. The other three spaces allow me to sort out life as it happens and time for blogging/writing projects. And that’s a wrap! It’s a very full life but one centered around my priorities, not someone else’s. I love it.”

Don’t you just love her perspective?!  I had also recently read a lovely post on Design*Sponge written by Ashley English on “The Art of Loafing.” Referring to the book, “The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for Yourself,” Ashley wrote about how the author discusses the importance of finding merit in “being” and not simply “doing.” All day yesterday I really focused on “being” rather than doing.  I was amazed at how enjoyable the day was.  I think I’ve had it backwards, thinking I need to “do” so many things to then “be” the mother, wife, homemaker, entrepreneur, friend, etc. that I want to be.  Yesterday  my focus on just on “being” in the present and “being” the mom my children needed me to be.  We read a lot of books together, I snuggled and held my sick baby every time she wanted me to and I found a lot of joy in making a yummy dinner for my family.  It was heavenly!  Also, when it was time to get work done during the afternoon, I got a lot done and it came really easily to me.  When my son interrupted me working, I was able to genuinely be interested and excited in what he was telling me.  My goal is to have a day every day like yesterday.

So for today’s creative chick find, I thought it was only appropriate to highlight some of my favorite handmade earrings from Wild Woman Jewelry’s “simplify” collection (click on the pics to be redirected to that item in her store):

Simplify earrings marbled turquoise vintage lucite and sterling silver – $18.00

Simplify Earrings Oxidized Sterling Silver and Charteuse Glass – $18.00

Simplify earrings ocean blue vintage lucite – $18.00

Simplify earrings purple moonglow vintage lucite and sterling silver – $18.00

Simplify earrings cobalt blue ribbed vintage lucite and oxidized sterling silver – $18.00

I love these sweet, simple designs.  They’d all be such a perfect addition to any outfit, even for a t-shirt day at home.  I find that if I’m wearing some little splash of loveliness in my accessories, I feel so much lighter and happier during the day.  Thank you for your sublime creativity, Karon (Wild Woman Jewelry)!

And to finish up, I loved this quote from Karon’s profile that fits perfectly with today’s theme of simplifying and just “being” the mom, woman, human you were meant to be: “Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I am with you kid. Let’s go.” ~Maya Angelou