Today I’m featuring the creative work of Mermaid Charms.  This is a perfect example of how leaving comments on my posts, telling me how much you love my blog on Twitter and having a fabulous product can get you featured here.  I really love to pull creative chick features from our readership.  I met this darling creative chick via Twitter (@mermaidcharms) – she was saying something totally sweet about loving  She also left a comment cheerleading something I featured.  I decided to check out her site and WOW!  I just LOVED everything I saw.  I knew I’d have to share her sea glass handmade jewelry creations with the creative little world who follows this blog.

Here’s some of my very favorite designs (click on the pic to be redirected to her store):

Bubbles Under the Sea Earrings – $36.00

The Weston Sea Glass Necklace – $79.00

Winter Wonderland Dangle Earrings – $49.00

The Aqua Lariat – $124.00

Joy Love and Happiness PMC (precious metal clay) Bracelet – $79.00

I’ve never really attached myself to the sea before.  I’ve lived most of my life very far inland and have only visited the ocean on a few rare occasions.  However, I’m falling in love with the simple sweetness these sea-inspired handmade jewelry designs have.  My good friend, Vanessa, loves the ocean and it really fits her.  I bet she’d love these designs.  My other sweet friend, Emily, is from California and I bet she’d love these, too.  Honestly, maybe what I’m falling in love with is how these oceanic pieces remind me of things I love about these two friends.  Also, my family is still under major financial turmoil (DH is still on the job hunt) so maybe I’m craving the peaceful serenity of warm beaches with the sounds of the waves and birds in the background.

Whatever the reason, I love these designs!  Isn’t the Aqua Lariat Necklace sooooo gorgeous worn with that blue tank underneath?!  Ooh, la, la.  I love it.  I dig that look; it’s simple, classy and sweet.  Thanks, Mermaid Charms!!!

And speaking of seeking peaceful serenity, I’m certain we’re all praying for the people of Haiti right now.  If there’s anything they could use, it’s that.  Some good posts that outline ways to help: You Too Can Support the Relief Efforts in Haiti, Haiti Earthquake and Got Donations? Here’s how to help Haiti.  We can all take a moment today to thank God for the abundance in our lives and to pray for all those in Haiti who are in need – hearts strung together in love and unity.