— Part 2 in a 2-part series: Part 1 – Fashion Friday Bring in the New Year with Color! (due to technical internet issues, this post is showing today, rather than Friday when it was originally intended) —

As we move from 2010 Spring/Summer weather into Fall/Winter life, the tone in color obviously has a cooler mood. But mentally we don’t totally change from one color to another. So our muted lilac from summer now has a little gray added to neutralize it and calm the intensity. This new deeper purple is called eggplant.  (Click on pics to be redirected to the item in their store).

Hand Woven and Hand Dyed, Pure Wool Shawl by SR’ design – $40.00

The vibrant bold blues will move to a sustainable navy. Navy is a classic for business and most other occasions. More women will be joining the workforce to try to supplement reduced family incomes or take over where a job has been lost. The mature business mentality of both navy blue and dull lilac will be admired for sophisticated occasions.

Stylish soft jersey V neck wrap dress in navy blue and plum by Daniella Besso – $120.00

Velvet Millinery Flowers in Midnight Blue for Fascinators, Hats, Corsages, Brooches, Altered Art by Mary, not Martha – $6.95

The vibrant Raspberry or fuchsia of the summer will be lightened, softened, and toned down to almost a pink; but you can still see the blue undertones that give it a raspberry feeling. This will be idealistic for casual activities. It has a younger, more spontaneous, yet feminine look for daytime clothing.

Crocheted Raspberry Newsboy Cap by Winona Min – $36.00

The vibrant tangerine will also tone down, so much in fact that it will seem more like a vibrant, skin tone. This will be great for layering in different weights with a stark white for contrast and to show off its color.

The eco-friendly green that was so playful in the summer becomes almost a seafoam teal. This color will soften the sharper business cuts of clothing.

Green and Orange Flower Clip by Blue Yodey Baby Boutique – $2.75

Opal is the gem that will tie in any color from this palate – so any piece of jewelry containing this iridescent stone will be the crowning touch of your wardrobe.

Precious Stone Blues by Jellies Jewelry – $188.00

CHA–CHA CELESTE. luminous gemstone charm Ring by Beijo Flor – $49.00

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