Phew!  I’m just riding the tail end of a CRAZY past 24 hours.  All in all things are going well, but I’ll have to write more about the putting-New-Years-resolutions-into-effect-madness tomorrow.  It definitely deserves a full post and just doesn’t fit well for Design Monday.  Also, part of my resolution is having my time MUCH more structured and organized and I only have 5 minutes left of today until I need to be in bed, detoxing and then falling asleep.

To top it all off, because I’m INSANE, I’ve resolved to (amidst my other resolutions) remove all refined sugar from my diet.  This means I’m no longer able to binge on cheap chocolate when I’m stressed.  It’s a good thing for me, but IT’S AN ADJUSTMENT (to say the least).

Anywho – aaaaack!!!!  I’ve only got 2 minutes left!!! – here’s a custom wordpress blog/site design for a fab personal trainer that is in the near-completion phase that I thought would be fun to share now.  We’ll be customizing her site even more this week with photos and such.  So fun!  I just love the color combo:

Aren’t the colors just luscious?  The primary color is cantelope and it’s complimented by a lovely red-orange.. yum!  Since this design is for a personal trainer it needs to look simple and professional, while also fresh and inviting.  We’re still refining and fine tuning, so I’m sure next week I’ll have more to update.  I’m nearly done with two other custom wordpress blog/site designs that hopefully will be ready to unveil next week (or at least one of them).  It’s so exciting to me!  I really, really love making over people’s blogs and websites!

p.s. I’m booked until mid-January at this point.  If you’re anxious to get your blog/site on my schedule soon, email me at quinn{at}createdbychicks{dot}com right away!  I’d LOVE to makeover your blog/site design!!!

p.s.s. the colors we used for this design are a few of the 2010 trend colors.