Good morning!!!  Who’s looking forward to a beautiful day?!

I’ve got lots of design jobs happening right now, as usual, which is a real blessing.  I love designing blogs, especially.  We’re done with the wordpress custom blog-site design.  I did love the cantelope colors we were working with before, but the end result turned out really well and I like the colors a lot.

I also designed some business cards for her to use that go along with her site design:

Last week I also had the opportunity to make some really fun buttons for Vanessa of

And along with all the design work, I’ve been really wanting to work on my mom-blog.  I’ll be writing recipes every Monday, art projects (to do with your kids) every Tuesday, random thoughts on “Wild Thought Wednesday” and then will write about my food photography endeavors on “Food Photog Fridays.”  For those of you that know me, I’ve had a food photog blog and have decided that I’d just like to have one blog that I can write about all the random miscellany in my life as an “artistic mom.”  I’d love it if you were interested in checking it out!  Should be a lot of fun!  There will be a full week of posts this week – woot!  Today’s is all about my whole wheat german pancake recipe.  The picture is not fabulous (I’ll definitely be the first to admit that since I’m a professional food photog, it turned out rather disappointing, but oh well), but the recipe is DELICIOUS!!

Anywho, lots of random thoughts, but this is where I’m at this week.  Wishing you a lovely Monday!!