LOL!  I’m slightly kidding.  I thought that title was a perfect follow-up from yesterday’s random post.  The past two days have kept me crazy busy as I’ve had photo shoots during my afternoon work-time, one food photog shoot for Utah Business Magazine and the other shoot was for a personal trainer client, Laura from Transformation Trainer.  Today I’ve got a meeting with a new wordpress blog/site design client during my afternoon work-time, too, so I’ve got to do a cheater post today.  I’m hoping to get back on track next week with my full feature schedule.  Tomorrow, Angela will be posting for Fashion Friday and she’ll be talking about 2010 fall/winter trend colors!!!  Woot!  You do NOT want to miss it!  And if you missed last Fashion Friday’s post on 2010 spring/summer trend colors, check it out here:

Thanks, Crystal, for sending me this hilarous comic – totally made me laugh this morning & fits this post perfectly!

BTW, THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH for making my dreams come true by becoming my google friend in the sidebar!  You freaking rawk!!  The box is full of wonderful, beautiful, fabulous women and I love you all!  Thank you so much!