Color palate for 2010 women’s fashion:

If used correctly, color can be one of the first elements of design to catch our eyes. What colors will be the sellouts this season?

Let’s begin as we always do – with a little psychology. First, we are beginning to value eco-friendly products, and we consider ourselves more informed about, and caring for, our environment. Also, the economy is going to play into our mindset. When we have less money to spend on doctors, we consider preventative health care. When we want an overall healthy, happy, life (despite the economy), we turn to exercise and a more healthy way of eating/living. If these mental pressures and attitudes continue (which they will barring any extreme unforeseen event) we can predict the colors for the year. They all add up to a high regard for natural, clean, renewable products. So, the colors we will find appealing will be clean, natural, and renewing: soothing blues and greens.

2010 Spring color trends will be muted and pastel, greens and muted lilac or sky blue, accented with a red raspberry/fuchsia.

Bo Ho Chic Sea Glass Necklace by New Sprout – $32.00

Fuchsia Agate Nugget Earrings by djames designs – $59.00

As we move through spring and into summer 2010 color trends, aqua and a variety of deep blues, which give the relaxing feeling of scuba diving on a tropical island, create an escape from the humdrum of a slow economy. Add in the yellow of tropical fish, or orange of a mango, and we move into the full color palate for summer.

Rare Ocean Petals. Rare Yellow, Cobalt and Lime Seaglass on Sterling Silver Necklace Chain by Ocean Blue Seaglass – $34.00

Violet Sparkle On Tangerine Dichro Cubes Earrings by Helix Elemental Jewelry – $9.00

Further into summer of 2010 we will see color trends with more radiant and vibrant tones of purple, fuchsia, tangerine, and a hint of lime green.

BEBE- rosette brasage for the art of imagination by Miss Ruby Sue – $35.00

Boutique Child Girl Spring Flower Power Emerald and Violet Bonnet Newsboy Brim Cap Knit Hat by Deusprovidebit – $36.50

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