Today’s featured creative chick is a female artist who’s designs I’ve loved for a long, long time.  I {heart} Rhonna.  Not only are her artistic creations fabulous, she’s also a completely lovely person.  About four years ago I learned how to digital scrapbook using Photoshop.  In my online search for fun digital products to use in my scrapbooking, I found Rhonna Farrer’s designs and fell in love with her swirly, sassy, artistic style and have been using her designs ever since.

Last summer I planned (with the help of my fab bff, Emily) a really fun conference for creative moms and/or mompreneurs called “Moms Who Make It.” We threw several before-parties to build up hype for the conference.  I was going around introducing myself to all the party attendees when I met Rhonna.  I died.  Here was a creative chick I’ve admired for a long time, attending something I threw together!  Immediately I asked her to come and participate in “Moms Who Make It” as a speaker, to which she and her incredible, creative, photographer friend, Jefra, (whom I also now completely adore) agreed.  They were FANTASTIC; talk about creative inspiration!

Now, I’ll let you get to know Rhonna a bit better.

Currently Rhonna:
I am 1/3 of House of 3, my business with Heidi Swapp & Janet Hopkins.
**As part of House of 3: I am owner, designer, creator & product developer! We all 3 work together great as a team & we’ll be sure to have some of our products at Spark!
I work with Wacom as a Penscrapper.
I work with Shutterfly on their Creative Board Advisors.
I work with Scrapblog & sell Rhonna DESIGNS & House of 3 elements there.
I work with Silhouette & sell my designs in their store!
I work with several companies designing greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags & tags!

Previously Rhonna:
2004-2008 I worked with Two Peas in a Bucket as a Garden Girl & Digital Designer Team Director.
2007: I was on Better Homes & Gardens’ Scrapbooks, Etc. Magazine team.
2004-2008: Worked with Autumn Leaves where I had my own product line & was involved in several of the Designing With…books/projects.
2004: Won Creating Keepsakes’ Hall of Fame & worked with them for a year.
1997-present: Designs for greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags & other paper products.

1. Why is creativity important to you?

It is my way of enjoying life. Whether it’s creating a meal for my family, or decorating my home or taking photos. Daily doses of Creativity are essential for my well-being! *wink*

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?

It totally depends on the day: some days I’m in the mood to create & design for my company: House of 3. Or some days I’m ready to try a new recipe & create a yummy meal for my family.
Other days I just want to create by blogging or taking a photo~

3. Do you have any fears when creating?

Of course I do. But, I have to force myself to get over the fear. The best way I’ve found is to do my creativity exercises everyday!

4. Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?

Yes, 100% They are my #1 fans!

5. How do you find time to create?

I make time. I am sure to do at least 1 min. of some sort of creativity exercise everyday. It helps me with my deadlines, overcoming any ruts & always kicks my creativity up a notch!

6. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:

Play. Every day. Creative play is one of the most therapeutical things you can do!


I’ve really been looking forward to featuring Rhonna.  Isn’t she fabulous?!  Doesn’t she make you want to go get your creative juices flowing?!  I’m a faithful reader of Rhonna’s blog.  It’s often exactly the creative inspiration I need to see to spark my fire for the day.  Here’s some of my favorite recent projects she’s blogged about doing (click on the pics to be redirected to Rhonna’s blog post about that project):

And these are just a few of her holiday creations -I had SUCH a hard time just picking three.  There are MANY more fun projects over on Rhonna’s blog for all year round!


Be sure to subscribe to Rhonna’s blog and check out all her designs at House of 3. And, DON’T miss Rhonna’s next Spark! Event for 2010.  It’s sure to be amazing, as all things that Rhonna does are.

We’re excited to announce that I can adapt and install any of the House of 3 Blog Couture for WordPress blogs for only $25!  Email me – quinn {at} createdbychicks {dot} com – if you’re interested!  xoxo