This year I did quite a bit of my Christmas shopping at  That creative chick cracks me up!!  I love her products and found items that will make my loved ones laugh, too.  Our Christmas will be filled with wit and hilarity thanks to Anne.  And I’d never have known about Anne Taintor without my dear friend, Emily, introducing me to her (thanks, Em!!!).  It’s love forever now.

So sit back and have a laugh as I share a few of my favorite Anne Taintor creations, holiday and otherwise, with you (click on image to be redirected to original site):

“Gay apparel was putting it mildly” Holiday Gift Card Set (Inside: fa la la la la la la la la) – $25.00

“she was one plum pudding away from a yuletide meltdown” Holiday Gift Card Set (Inside: Deck the Halls) – $25.00

“his thoughtful gift had ‘exchange’ written all over it” Holiday Gift Card Set (Inside: Merry Christmas) – $25.00

“why yes, I am overqualified” Tote – $9.00

“she was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her” Sticky Notes – $4.50

“Oops!  I spent the grocery money on shoes again..” Magnet – $5.00

“Had she really hit Reply to All?!?!?” Magnet – $5.00

And – alas – there are too many favorites to feature all of them.  Each time I visit Anne’s store, I find a new favorite.  And searching through her store is always the perfect pick-me-up.  I’ve also really enjoyed her “Taintorette News” section where she features stories about the models who’s pictures are used in her products.  It’s just fascinating.

Thank you for your creativity, Anne!  You keep us cracking up and celebrating the mundane in life and motherhood!