Fashion is not as unpredictable as the “authorities” we rely on to dictate fashion try to make us think it is. So before you read any further I will give you a warning, you will learn about fashion and how to make your own decisions here, I don’t believe in dictating fashion just predicting which can be done with extreme accuracy.

Montana Sky cowl and winter white rose brooch

Montana Sky cowl and winter white rose brooch by Felted – $68.00

The first principle you must learn before picking out what to wear this Christmas is what is the basic mindset most people are in, then you can figure out what will appeal to them. Considering this we can say that right now the economy is the main point on most Americans minds. Many are tight with money, lost a job, or are just grateful they have a job. This cuts out excess in just about everyone’s minds. We are making more intelligent consumer decisions and making sure things will last. Consumers are in the middle of an intellectual revolution. We value the resourceful, the durable, long lasting, economical, eco-friendly and reliable items. We also look back to those who have already experienced this kind of economy and learn from them- our grandparents and those who lived in the 1930’s.

Teal Satin Flower Hair Pins

Teal Satin Flower Hair Pins by Nomsa – $11.00

Having said this, we can now predict what is going to be a hit at your Christmas party. This Christmas is not about how expensive or perfect your dress. This Christmas is about Classics, simple, handcrafted- SENTIMENT. So what does a sentimental Holiday dress look like? Think long term, a dress you can wear for the next 10 years, a dress you daughter will ask if she can get out of your closet and wear in 20 years. Look for long, sleek feminine lines and fabrics.

Simple solid colors for dresses. Your basic dress should be a neutral or basic color specifically antiqued white, gray or of course red, are always tasteful. If that doesn’t sound spicy enough accessorize with a broach from your grandmother and a headband or scarf from your favorite boutique and you will be the talk of the evening. Indigo is the hottest holiday color this season one indigo accessory or blouse will go very far. If you can’t find indigo royal blue or somewhere close to that will do. Try white or copper color accessories with the blue. For Jewelry go for pearls or semi-precious stones.

Gray felt flower brooches

Gray felt flower brooches (set of 3) by podgehodge – $30.00

Fabrics should be natural fiber or a close imitation. They last longer if you care for them properly and have a classier look to them. Evening dresses and blouses will really look classy in a soothing classic satin and will stand out for a long time to come. Business or work parties should be woven wool for dresses and suits and accented with a soothing creamy satin.

 Red Felt Flower Sampler

Red Felt Flower Sampler (set of 6) by Crafty D’s Creations – $4.50

If you are really trying to figure out what to wear for that classy casual daytime event try my old favorite- Felt! Look into it. It is not expensive, get a felt flower and it can improve any daytime ensemble. You can wear it in your hair, on a headband, as a broach, or even on your purse, but whatever you do be creative and classy. Knitted, felted, ruffled, fabric accessories.

Since the old American way of ingenuity and resourcefulness is prized right now, try and make something yourself, or if you are not so good with your hands but can pick something out with your eyes, buy it from a boutique in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to support all those great chicks around here when times are tough and a lot of people are trying to make extra money from what can be made with their hands.

 Felted Rose Flower with Long Crocheted Lariat/Scarf/Necklace/Bracelet/Belt

Felted Rose Flower with Long Crocheted Lariat/Scarf/Necklace/Bracelet/Belt by Big Frozen Melon – $48.00

Though we are buying locally we know that the economy is hard all around the world and we value all peoples and cultures for being humans, so find an international print to add some flair and culture. Like I said before, Sentiment and concern for those around you is at a high, fashion isn’t without a heart.