Busy, busy, busy here in design-land.  So busy, in fact that I can’t write much for this post because I’ve got to get back to designing.  However, I couldn’t let you down on giving you a sneak peek at a few of the blog design projects I’m working on right now.  Check it out:

design-file-savvy-grandmaAs the title of this blog “The Savvy Grandma” would suggest, this grandma has CLASSY taste and we had to make the design show that.  She wanted something very simple, homey and classic-looking.  She loved the idea of using a pic of a white door with a wreath on it, which we have incorporated into the design.  She really wanted to use blue-tones.  I found a lot of these pictures where blue was used for decorating to inspire our color palette, patterns and design.  Expected completion date: Friday, December 11th.


Whenever a client orders a design project, I always send them my design questionnaire to get a feel of what style, look and feel they’re looking for.  The typical adjectives I hear clients use to describe what they want is “vintage/retro.”  Carrie of “This Mama Makes Stuff” was a perfect example of how we all tend to think of those terms differently.  Some think vintage means victorian era, while others think vintage means early 1900’s.  Retro is similarly broadly used.  The client behind this design wanted “vintage” and I was thinking vintage as in 1950’s.  My first proof showed this kind of design.  It didn’t appeal to her at all and she was frustrated because she wasn’t sure how to describe what she wanted.  I told her to send me pictures of anything – clothing, room decor, etc. – that had the look and feel of what she wanted in her design.  It worked like a charm.  Carrie used to be a clothing designer so, not surprisingly, she sent me a lot of clothing pics.  From that, I saw that her idea of vintage/retro was mostly rooted in 1970’s design and {ba-da-bing!} we were communicating on the same page and have created a blog design that fits her style.  Expected completion date: Friday, December 18th.

Sidenote: I really believe that good blog design reflects the blogger behind the blog, almost as if an extension of that blogger’s personality.  By getting to know the blogger’s style – fashion, decorating, etc. – I can tell a lot about the direction their design needs to go.

I’ve more projects to unveil soon, so stay tuned next week and I’ll try to showcase some more.  Also, on Friday I have a big ol’ special treat for you!  Woot!  I can hardly wait to tell you!

Blog design availability: I am still accepting blog design clients who need their design completed by the end of the year.  I will only be doing this for a week or so more, depending on my work-load, so if you’re anxious to get your new look going before 2010, send me an email (quinn{at}createdbychicks{dot}com).  xoxo