Yesterday I posted about my life-changing experience attending the Startup Princess Image + Media Academy retreat (SUPA ’09), thanks to being sponsored by APX Alarm.  I listed 5 of the top 10 things I took home from attending; today I’m finishing up the list with the other 5.  Woot!


No. 5 – Michael Buble’s song, “Feelin’ Good” is the perfect song to do yoga to. Saturday morning all us early birds got up to do yoga, led by Sarah.  She did a phenomenal job.  It was the perfect way to start the day.  I love this song of Michael Buble’s – well, I love his version of the song – and was thrilled when it came on her playlist during our yoga workout and she said “this is the perfect song to do yoga to.”  It actually, really is.  Thanks, Sarah!

No. 4 – Took home lots of sweet stuff, thanks to amazing sponsors. We really were spoiled rotten on this retreat.  Not only was APX Alarm an amazing sponsor for sending me there, I also got to enjoy a few other awesome sponsors.  E.L.F. cosmetics gave every attendee one of their super-fabulous mini makeup kits (ours were black, but look just like the one pictured here).  The colors are so varied that there was something flattering in the kit for everyone.  It’s also very compact which makes it easy to take on the road and/or right before attending a business networking event or media interview.  Timex spoiled us with these gorgeous Women’s Crystal Collection watches.  Normally I’m not much of a glitz girl, but I really love this watch.  I think it’s the perfect reminder of all we learned at the retreat: we have permission to shine and be beautiful!  Thank you E.L.F. cosmetics and Timex for your incredibly fabulous swag!!  Your lovely products really made this event so special.  We also were treated to a session and fortune cookies sponsored by InfusionSoft.  On Saturday every attendee had the privilege of having the fabulous photog, Russ Dixon, take professional headshots.  He is such a talented photographer who makes everyone feel so comfortable and at ease when being photographed.  We’re all extremely excited to see our headshots and are sure they’ll be fab!


No. 3 – Synergy between like-minded women is not only powerful, it’s electric! The atmosphere during SUPA ’09 was unbeatable!  Only 25 attendees were allowed to attend, keeping the group small and personal.  Because of this we were all able to interact and get to know each other quite a bit.  The synergy was truly electric as all of us were constantly connecting.  Away from the world and distractions, we all kicked back and thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with women that are working to better themselves in life and in business.  There was no competition between us.  This is a typical anomaly found at Startup Princess events: women are brought together to share their talents and business ideas, asking “what can I do for you and your business?” rather than “I’m kind of a big deal and you should all feel so honored to be around me and my business talents.”  This is a huge reason why I keep attending Startup Princess events again and again.  With a theme such as this, one can’t help connecting to like-minded women on a very powerful level.


No. 2 – Everything we do is led by wanting to feel a certain way. Friday night we were spoiled to hear from the incredible, Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth.  We all couldn’t write notes fast enough!  She gave so much amazing information that we were all racing to absorb as much as possible.  The big take-home message I got from her presentation was how everything we do is driven by the desire to feel a certain way.  When we are kind with our children and take good care of them, we are driven to behave this way because we want to feel like a good mother.  When we put on makeup and ditch sweatpants for something a little nicer on a day at home, our motivation is to feel foxy, rather than frumpy.  This seems obvious, but the way she presented it to us was revolutionary and life-altering.  She encouraged us to dig deep and find out what makes us tick, what makes us unique.  We were advised to search 0ut what our primary feeling motivators are.  I also loved her point that we are all made of many contradictions and we should embrace our contradictions.  Contradictions like “I am an artist, but I struggle with makeup artistry/application” are what make us interesting.  Contradictions make us spicy and unique.  Thank you so much, Danielle, for your inspiring presentation!  I’m going to devour your book, Style Statement over the holidays, which I’m sure will lead to a fabulous start to the New Year.


No. 1 – Stop worrying about what to do and instead worry about being. This was the most important thing I took home from SUPA ’09.  Our family has had the most difficult few years of our life recently and my thoughts are constantly drawn to all that I should be doing to help get us out of this crisis situation.  Because of this, I often try to cram as much work and as many projects into a day as possible, looking forward to the point when all my hard work will have paid off and I will then be able to fully enjoy my family and my life.  Cherie Burton, former Mrs. Utah and founder of Blue Rose Communications, taught this concept on Saturday.  She suggested that the reason for life is to love, for what are we without love?  I agree with this and have gone on to apply this concept to mean that the most important thing for me to “do” every day is to “BE” a conduit of love to my family.  I want them to feel my love in our interactions.  This concept was so freeing, too, because Cherie pointed out that when we are connected to our Higher Power and filled with His love, we are then able to give that love to those around us and are better-led to know exactly what we should be “doing.”  This concept alone changed my life this weekend; thanks, Cherie!  You are an inspiration and I’m so excited to buy your CDs so I can remain inspired in daily life as I listen to them.


The Startup Princess Image + Media Academy retreat was so much more than a “conference.”  I left feeling empowered and excited about my life.  I interacted with women and concepts that made me believe that I really am beautiful.  I will never look at myself the same.  I have been forever changed, imprinted on the beauty within and my duty to allow myself to shine, not only in business but especially in life.

Thank you, again, to APX Alarm for sponsoring my ticket.  You have no idea exactly how life-changing this Startup Princess event was for me.  I’ll forever be grateful to have attended and appreciate your generosity in making it happen!

Thank you, also, to Kelly and Michelle for pulling this amazing weekend together.  I am a huge Startup Princess fan now and always.

And to my readers, thank you for reading this blog and for your sweet comments.  Your kindness and encouraging words mean so much to me.  Love to you!!