May I just say, I love art?  Oh, my goodness, I LOVE art.

Today I’m featuring some fabulous watercolor painting art.. but I’ll get to that in a second. 😉

We remodeled our home over a year ago and I have WAY too many bare walls (a problem I mentioned earlier).  Now I’m pondering a lot about paint colors and the look and feel I want our rooms to have.  The color palette I just can’t seem to escape is blues, teals and greens.  Every room seems like the perfect room for one of those tones.  I may just paint my whole house around those colors and have it be somewhat monochromatic (I’m love decorating monochromatically, using little accents of color to break it up).

This is the room I’m having the most trouble deciding on a paint color:


It’s this gorgeous upper level great room with lovely, open vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light that comes in through all the windows and the glass french doors.  I LOVE this room; my family LOVES this room.  We spend 90% of our awake-time in this room.  It’s completely magical when it’s raining or snowing; all the windows make you feel like you’re in a tree house.  But, this has given me some decorating stress.

I want to keep the room really open and airy feeling.  The windows have no coverings, in many ways because I can’t decide what would be open enough to maintain the breezy feel in the room, but also give us some privacy.  I don’t want to choose a paint color that would tighten in the room at all, but I’m not big on pastel-type colors.  Also, since it’s a “family” room, I want it to be very comfortable in the color-scheme and decorating.

I recently came across an artist who has truly inspired me with a few ideas on what to do with this room.  Her work is beautiful and her name is Amarice Mills.  What do you think about using some of her creative prints in my big, open, white, boring room?  (Click on pics to be redirected to item in her store)

red-umbrella-watercolor-paintingRainy Day 3 – 5 x 7″ – $10.00


Rainy Day 4 – 5 x 7″ – $10.00

purple-watercolor-umbrellaRainy Day 5 – 5 x 7″ – $10.00

Aren’t these watercolor paintings GORGEOUS?   The whimsical designs would make the room very comfortable.  I love the muted tones with the bright splashes of vibrant color.  I think these paintings also represent one of my favorite things to experience in this room: the weather.  But, I’m no interior decorator.  I do have an eye for design, but get really stumped at figuring all the details out.

What paint color would YOU put under these prints to keep the room bright, fresh, open and comfortable? (Feel free to offer any other decorating advice you may – I need all the help I can get).

See more of Amarice Mill’s paintings in her shop here: amaricemills.