I don’t know about you, but my mind is already spinning with what to gift this year for the holidays.  I want to give really personal, meaningful gifts.   With the struggling economy and uncertainty I think we all “need a little Christmas” this year.  When I found these hand-stamped jewelry pieces that can be fully personalized, I knew they would be a gift that would mean a lot to whomever received them.

Check out some of my faves from today’s feature, one9designs (click on pic to be redirected to that item in one9designs’ shop):

breast cancer hand stamped necklace pendantStrength – $30.00

– perfect gift for someone who’s life has been touched by breast cancer (like my grandma) –

personalized hand stamped jewelry My Loves – $30.00

– perfect gift for someone with family close to their heart (would love to gift my BFF with this necklace – shhh! don’t tell) –

love heart hand stamped necklace romanticAmour – $35.00

– perfect gift for that girly, romantic chick in your life (I wonder if my sister-in-law would like this – she’s so feminine & fun; would be a perfect gift for a stylish teen, too) –

family circle handstamped jewelryFamily Circles – $30.00

– perfect gift for someone with family close to their heart (would love to gift to my mom with her grandkids’ initials – shhh! don’t tell) –

pet hand stamped dog tagPet Solo – $27.00

– perfect gift for all your furry friends (would this work for a cat, do you think?) –

Maybe I’m getting more sentimental with age, but I just fell in love with these designs (kinda started to get teary looking at a few – I know, must be hormones or something cuz I don’t cry a lot).  I would love to be gifted any of these – wouldn’t you?  Well… maybe not the pet tag unless it was handed to me as a gift for my pet.

In high school I had a standard necklace that I would wear EVERY day, no matter what I was wearing.  I love the symbolism behind the Star of David, so my necklace always had a small sterling silver Star of David on it.  I also threw random other trinkets on the chain every once in awhile.  I abandoned the necklace in college when I started to enjoy personalizing each day’s jewelry with that particular outfit.  Now, as a mom who struggles with creativity to pull a non-frumpy outfit together each day, I think a sweet necklace like this would be a good standard to wear most days.  I especially love the ones with personalized initials – fabulous.

Do you have a standard necklace you wear each day or do you switch it up?

Which design is your fave from today’s feature?

Thanks for inspiring us with your creativity, one9designs!!


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