It’s Monday.  The weekend is over; it went by so quickly… it always does.  However, I have a feeling that this is going to be a GREAT week for all of us!!  It’s in the air!

Mondays I like to share a little about my design work, thus the title “Design Monday.”  Today I’m going to share “what I’m cookin'” (working on).  Whenever a design is ordered, I create a “design file” to use as reference during the creation process.  I have the client send me links to designs they like and links to the style they like.  I also have them suggest fonts and colors that they love and could possibly see using in their design.  I ask a lot of questions to feel out exactly what style and feel they want their design to have.  Everyone has a different preference and I really like each of my designs to well-represent that client’s tastes and personality.

Here are two design files from a few blog design projects I’m working on right now:


Emily wants a really retro theme to her new blog design.  She is looking for something sassy.  She loves Diet Coke so when we found the vintage Coca Cola ad, we thought it was the perfect fit for the feel of the blog.  She also likes paisley so we’re finding ways to incorporate that into her design.  She sent me this image of an Anthropologie display window because she thought the design would fit well with her theme (& she just LOVES Anthropologie).  Em is also a big fan of chocolate so we’re pulling all of these images and genres together to create something really special and unique.  Em’s blog has been really fun to work on!  Expected completion date: Nov. 20th.


Holly is looking for a sophisticated, but warm blog design.  She sent me the image of the cupboard door and picture frames to show me the country, rustic feel she also wants incorporated into her design.  Holly is a food blogger, so we felt it was important to put a gorgeous food pic into her header.  This cupcake pic has the feel we’re looking for: it has sophistication while also being warm and inviting.  Holly feels that her writing style is very non-pretentious so she’s been very concerned that readers will feel welcome and not intimidated by her blog design.  I envision her blog design to be like enjoying homemade goodies on a beautiful country porch with friends.  Holly’s design has been delicious fun to create!  Expected completion date: Nov. 11th.

I can hardly wait to finish both of these designs and unveil them to you!  I’ve really enjoyed working with both of these creative women and together we’ve come up with some really fantastic design ideas.

If you’d like to get your blog design or other design project on my schedule, contact me quickly.  I am booked through Thanksgiving and the wait is only going to get longer.

Also, I’m now an Etsy seller – woot!  You can purchase my design work at my brand-spankin’-new Etsy store, or by emailing me directly at quinn{at}createdbychicks{dot}com.