Lately I’ve been working on completing a lot of design projects as well as starting some new ones.  I’m having a blast; I love blog design!  I thought today it would be interesting to show you the process of a recent client’s design.  Every client begins by answering my design questionnaire which gives me a good idea of the style, look and feel the client is looking for in their design.  At first we thought we’d go with an old-time look for this design:


But after they saw this proof, they decided they wanted a more simplified design.  They had said they wanted purple incorporated into the design.  From their questionnaire and their response to the first proof, it seemed like the style they were looking for was similar to an invitation/bridal look.  I found this image online that guided me in color/style combos:


Then I put together a few more design proofs for them to evaluate:


This one had kind of a victorian, vintage wedding feel (above).


This design was EXTREMELY basic and simplified (above).


And this design (above) was the one the client selected from the proofs.  It’s simple, classy and feminine.  I’m excited to see the header installed to see the complete look.  This is for a brand new blog that’s being started.  It was a lot of fun to design.  And here’s the coordinating button:


To follow-up, I recently finished’s site.  Click on the button I designed for her below to see the full design on her site:


I loved designing PheMomEnon’s site, too.  We have some more finishing touches coming up in the future, so stay tuned for more yumminess!