Since it’s Friday, I’m feeling ready to escape real life and run away, thus the inspiration for today’s post on creative bikes.

So you’ve got a little one and they are having a hard time with pedal bikes and trikes and you really want them to learn to ride a two-wheel bike.  Maybe their older siblings ride one or maybe your child has seen the other kids in the neighborhood on theirs.  Regardless, you think there are only a few options for your child: training wheels, trikes, etc.

When today’s feature creative chick, Katie, was in Germany she was shocked to see little tiny kids zipping by her on two-wheel bikes.  Upon closer examination, she found that the bikes had no pedals and that kids there learn balance first and then move into a two-wheel pedal bike much faster and more easily.  When Katie came back to the United States, she searched for a bike like that here for her son and was disappointed in the options.  While there were a few two-wheel balance bikes for kids, she felt that none were a true to a real bike as what she had seen.  So, she got to work, designed some bikes and sent that to a manufacturer, creating Boot Scoot Bikes.

I love these bikes so much.  I talk about them all the time.  I now have two children (ages almost 4 and 2.5) riding Boot Scoot Balance bikes and they LOVE them.

Check out some of the fun Boot Scoot Bikes designs (click on pic to be redirected):

Boot-Scoot-Toddler-Balance-Bike Grass Green Zoomer – $75.00

BScrusiserToddlerBike-2Sky Blue Cruiser – $85.00

BSzoomerToddlerBike-2Sunrise Pink Zoomer – $75.00

And, of course, you’ve gotta have pink, right?  When Katie originally ordered, she didn’t even think to order pink (she only has sons).  However, once the shipment arrived, parents were insisting that their girls needed a pink bike.  Sooo funny.  Well, they got their wish and now everyone’s happy.  Aren’t these the cutest bikes you’ve ever seen?!

Thanks for your creativity and ingenuity, Katie!  You are definitely a “creative chick.”

See Katie’s site at and/or find her fabulous bikes at