This week I’m starting a brand new feature for Wednesdays called “Who’s Creating? Wednesday” where I’ll feature creative chicks & have them talk about creativity & answer a few questions.  It’ll be a fun way to get to know some more creative women while also inspiring us to be more creative in our lives.

Our first feature is on the lovely Alma Loveland.

Here’s a little bio info about Alma:

Alma Loveland studied English and editing in college. At her student editing job, she’d watch the graphic artists draw all day long (and get paid for it!) while she had to toil away fixing commas, spelling errors, and run-on sentences. Editing wasn’t exactly thrilling work, but she thought perhaps she could work her way into magazine publishing, so she bought the Adobe Creative Suite to teach herself InDesign. From there she moved on to Illustrator and eventually ditched the whole editing career altogether after proving herself as a designer professionally.

Since 2008, Alma has been on her own as a freelance designer and in 2009, she and her husband Mike formed Ollibird, a company that provides digital artistic services ranging from corporate design to high-end photo retouching, to illustration. They also teach Photoshop and Illustrator classes locally, which will be offered online in the new year.

And here’s some Q&A about Alma & creativity in her life:

1. Why is creativity important to you?
Creativity pretty much guides my whole life! I’m constantly thinking about current and new projects to tackle. When I can think of how to make something my own, it just makes it that much more fun, more special. I very much prefer making gifts and receiving made gifts!

2. What do you enjoy creating the most?
I go through different phases in my life. I had a papier machee year that was awesome. For the past several years, Adobe Illustrator has been my medium of choice, and it has become my bread and butter. I never get burned out on creating fun graphics for print or internet!

3. Do you have any fears when creating? Are your family & friends supportive of the things you create?
Thankfully, my medium doesn’t really lend itself to fear or skepticism from family and friends. Of course, when I recently got a client who has his own secretary, I was finally truly legitimized in my dad’s eyes.

4. How do you find time to create?
Time is an issue! The upside for me is that creating is my full-time job! The downside is that because I love my work so much, I usually put in much more than an 8-hour day. I’m working on solutions to simplify my life and define boundaries so that I’m not spending all of my time in front of a computer.

5. Words of inspiration to creative chicks:
Everything I have, I owe to nurturing my creativity. Take the time to develop your talents and do what you love!

You can check out this creative chick’s projects & creative work on her website, get to know her better through her blog at or take a creative class from here at

Thanks for inspiring us with your creativity, Alma!