Isn’t vinyl wall art the greatest thing ever?  It’s right up there with the invention of velcro, in my opinion… not that you’d want to decorate your walls with velcro.  I have sooooooooooooooooo many bare walls at my house that it’s almost painful to live with.  I have two problems though: (1) Mr. C (my man) is not in favor of me painting the walls & (2) there are too many fabulous vinyl wall art designs to choose from.  I’m at a standstill.  Recently, however, Mr. C found a bucket of our current bland, beige wall paint color & thought it would be great to paint patch over all the spots in our house that have little scratches & dings.  Much to my delight, we woke up the next morning to find that the color we patched with didn’t match the wall color!  Now our walls are covered with trashy-looking paint splotches.  Finally, problem No. 1 may be resolved.

In my hunt for fabulous resolutions to problem No. 2, I came across the gorgeous designs of PopWall.  The designer & her husband are graphic designers by trade & it really shows in their fine, unique designs.  Here’s some of my faves (click on the pics to be redirected to the item in PopWall’s shop):

cherry blossom vinyl wall artCherry Blossom with Birds – $65.00 (would this still look as cool in a house with boring-colored furniture?)

il_430xN.97810781New Style Chandelier with Bird – $49.00 (I’ve seen sooo many chandelier designs, but this is the coolest & most unique one of all – IMHO)

DandelionsDandelions – $45.00 (k… is this really the designer’s home that they’re displaying their vinyl in, cuz it’s amazing.  I’d love to live with so much color & style.)

butterfly vinyl wall artButterflies – $20.00

flamingo vinyl wall art growth chartFlamingoes with Fishes – $89.50 (not usually a flamingo kind of person, but this is adorable & cracks me up.  Isn’t that cool that it’s not just wall art, it’s a growth chart?  Right on.)

And, yes, I am planning on painting my house with lots of bright colors like in these pics.  I painted my last house that way & LOVED it.  The only trouble was decorating with so much color, but I’ve lived with plain, boring, beige walls for so long that I’m fully up for the challenge.

Aren’t PopWall’s designs STUNNING?!  I better start saving my pennies now because these designs are exactly what I want for my house.