Today I’m featuring the creative chicks behind Shade Clothing & all their hot, fall fashions.  I’ve been a fan of Shade Clothing from the beginning (have 4 of the original Shade short-sleeve t-shirts from years ago) and their fall line makes me so excited!!!  It’s been really fun to watch this company evolve.  I’m also a big fan for how they’re using social media to get the word out about their sweet clothes (I stay update via their Facebook page).

Check out some of my faves (click on pic to be redirected to original site):


V-Neck Placket Top – $32.50


Floral Scarf – $14.50

(Can use the Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve w/Cuff shirts also pictured here in so many ways, especially for layering.  They are a MUST for fall!)


Denim Skirt – $42.50 (Isn’t this so stinkin’ cute?!!)


Terry Peacoat – $44.50 (I am in LOVE with this jacket – be still my heart!)

shadeW09_2483_ckThe creative chicks behind Shade Clothing have such a great mission for their business & clothing: “make clothes that help women feel comfortable and happy.”  Can you have a better mission than that?  All of Shade Clothing’s fashions are made to be perfectly modest.  No more tugging on the back of your shirt when you sit down, no more pulling up your neckline when you bend over, and no more adjusting your hemline every time you sit or stand.  I love it!  They also have a nice line of maternity clothing which is fabulous for when you get towards the end of the pregnancy & have a hard time keeping that belly covered.  These creative chicks saw a need & filled it… fashionably & affordably!  Keep up the creativity Shade Clothing!  We’re diggin’ it!