It’s getting colder & the fashion is getting hotter!!  Today we’re featuring the creativity of Manonknits.  I LOVED this gorgeous scarf as soon as I saw it!!!  (click on the pics to be redirected to the item on the original site)

hot pink scarf

Pink Panther – $65.00 – cobweb felted lace thin scarf was created by wet felting – an antique technique of manufacturing non-woven fabric. Bright pink merino wool was blended with white silk fibers and hand felted. This felt is so lightweight and so sheer that you can see right through it!  PINK PANTHER cobweb felted lace scarf is very thin but warm for all seasons. Just that bit of added warmth to make the day perfect. Scarves made in this way are very easy to wear and they drape beautifully.

But then I thought it looks so thin that would it even hold up for wearing it through the whole season (especially with my kids tugging at my neck).  Check out what Manonknits says about that:

Care: This scarf looks very delicate but it is made for everyday use, the more you wear and wash it the more beautiful and soft the felt will become.

Completely fabulous!!  Things HAVE to be durable at my house or they don’t last & I just adore when an item says it gets more beautiful each time you wash & wear it!!!  Right on!!  Here’s some other to-die-for designs from Manonknits:


First Greens – $66.00

yellow felted lace thin merino wool scarf


Sunny – $66.00

So are you rushing to snag one right now?!!  They are sooooo beautiful!  It would be really interesting to watch the process of how they’re made – don’t you think?

And, yes, I did mention a jacket.. isn’t this adorable?!  It’s funky & fun with a bit of the Grecian draping kind of style that’s so popular right now.


Fuchia Coat – $449.00

Thanks for your fabulously creative creations, Manonknits!!!  Loving your designs!!!